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Math Course Selection and Advice

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Use the pages of this site to find out how to satisfy your University Core Curriculum requirement in mathematics, as well as meet any math requirements specified by your school, college, intended major, or undergraduate program.

Math requirements of your school or college

Every undergraduate student at Boston College must complete, or receive AP/transfer credit for, at least one mathematics course to complete the Core Curriculum requirement in mathematics. How you choose a course depends heavily on the school or college in which you're enrolled. Math advice by school

About advanced placement

How advanced placement credit influences your choices and impacts your program requirements varies greatly between schools and programs. We've summarized as much as we can in this area of the website to tell you about these differences. Math AP credit

About calculus

The most difficult job we have is placing students properly into calculus courses. This area of the website contains more detail about our calculus courses and how they match up with what many of you may already have learned in high school. Calculus placement

Course catalog

Use this area of the website to quickly learn about the courses of most importance to incoming freshmen and transfer students. A complete course catalog is available on our department website. Course catalog

Frequently asked questions

We've fielded lots of questions about course selection over the years, and this area of the website answers the ones we've seen most often. Frequently asked questions

Ask a question online

This page has a form that you can fill out and send to us if you have a question that doesn't seem to have an answer anywhere on the website. Online questions