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Studying in Latin America

latin american studies

map of Latin America

Students with a minor in Latin American Studies are encouraged to participate in a study-abroad program for a summer, a semester, or a year, usually during the junior year. Boston College sponsors university-based exchange programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador and Mexico. We can also assist students with arrangements in other Latin American countries. With prior approval of the Director of LAS, two Latin American Studies courses taken abroad during one semester of study can be counted toward the requirements of the Minor at Boston College. Three courses can be counted if the period of study abroad is for a full academic year.

BC-Sponsored Semester-long Programs

To apply or for more information on these programs, on BC-sponsored summer programs, or on approved external programs, visit the Office of International Programs.

For information on short-term immersion experiences in Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic visit the Campus Ministry's Immersion Programs website.