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College of Arts and Sciences

Vietnamese Resources

language laboratory catalog

Basic Language Study Recordings

Beginner’s Guides: Beginner’s Vietnamese
Hippocrene Books, Inc.
VT 1.001

Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners
Northern Illinois University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
VT 1.002

Vietnamese for Beginners 2nd Edition
Paiboon Poomsan Publishing
VT 1.003


Web Links

Dạy tiếng Việt
Learn Vietnamese via VOV5 radio, “The Voice of Vietnam.”

Learning Vietnamese Online
Site maintained by faculty member Lê Phạm Thúy-Kim, Arizona State University.

Omniglot: The Language Encyclopedia
Brief history of the language, description of the alphabet and pronunciation, and two sample texts narrated in two regional styles of Vietnamese. In addition, they include an extensive list of links and references to other Vietnamese resources.

Quick Vietnamese: Seven Days in the Country
Brief introduction to common phrases and conversations for tourists visiting Vietnam. Contents include text and audio recordings on topics like asking for directions, ordering meals, meeting new friends, checking into a hotel, and finding bargains.