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Italian Literature Recordings

language laboratory catalog

La commedia dell’arte
Part 4 of the Italian Readings on Tape series produced by the Centro Studi Italiani in San Francisco; designed to develop listening comprehension skills, this history of the commedia dell’arte is divided into 24 short segments; printed glossary, exercises, and answers to exercises also available.
50 minutes

Golden Treasury of Italian Verse
IT 2.026
26 masterpieces of Italian verse read by Giorgio Strehler; includes works by Dante Alighieri, Cecco Angliolieri, Gabriele d’Annunzio, Ludovico Ariosto, San Francesco d’Assisi, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Giosue Carducci, Guido Cavalcanti, Ugo Foscolo, Giacomo Leopardi, Giovanni Pascoli, Francesco Petrarca, Angelo Poliziano, Torquato Tasso; full texts/translations available.
48 minutes.

Listen and Enjoy Italian Poetry
IT 2.028
34 poems by 21 great Italian poets recited by Luciano Rebay; includes works by Ariosto, Boccaccio, Dante, Petrarch, Tasso, and others; includes heroic epics, hymns, lyrics, madrigals, and sonnets; 160-page dual-language (Italian-English) book containing full texts/translations, biographical and critical commentary available.
50 minutes

Prosatori del novecento
IT 1.006
Sixteen short stories, including works by Buzzati, Calvino, Cassieri, Cassola, Ginzburg, Lampedusa, Levi, Marotta, Moravia, Ortese, Pavese, Pratolini, Rea, Silone, Soldati, Vittorini; accompanying text includes profiles of the authors, exercises, and vocabulary.

*For other recordings, please see Literature Catalog in the Language Laboratory, Lyons 313.