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German Books

language laboratory catalog

501 German Verbs 2nd Edition
Henry Strutz
Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational Services, Inc. © 1990

1000 Jahre deutsche Literatur: Von den Anfängen bis zur Aufklärung 2nd Edition
Gudrun Clay
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing © 2008

Arbeitsbuch zu German Culture Through Film: An Introduction to German Cinema
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing © 2006

Cassell’s German Dictionary: German–English/English–German
New York: Cassell and Co. Ltd. © 1971

Cuthbertson’s Verb Wheel
Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath © 1933
Gives conjugations of irregular verbs

Deutsche Literatur im Kontext 1750–2000
Waltraud Maierhofer & Astrid Klocke
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing © 2009

English Grammar for Students of German 5th Edition
Ann Arbor, MI: The Olivia and Hill Press © 1994
“Study guide for those learning German” by Cecile Zorach and Charlotte Melin; designed to be an accompaniment to any textbook, this guide offers simple explanations of English grammar structures (i.e., parts of speech, word functions, grammatical concepts) by answering basic questions (e.g. What is gender? What are relative pronouns? etc.); uses examples, charts, step-by-step instruction,s and short practice exercises (with answer key) to identify similarities and differences between English and German; 176 pages.

German Culture Through Film: An Introduction to German Cinema
Robert Reimer and Reinhard Zachau
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing © 2005
GM 1.030

German Culture Through Film: An Introduction to German Cinema – Arbeitsbuch
Robert Reimer and Reinhard Zachau
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing © 2006
GM 1.030

German Phrasebook & Dictionary
Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. © 2012
ISBN: 978-1-74220-810-7

German Through Film
Adriana Borra and Ruth Mader-Koltay
New Haven, CT: Yale University Press © 2007
GM 1.031

Der Gimmick Gesprochenes Deutsch
Adrienne Penner
New York: W.W. Norton Co., Inc. © 1977
A text for vocabulary building designed to help the student “learn the language as it is actually spoken;” includes idiomatic and colloquial/slang expressions.

A Practical Guide to the Teaching Of German
Wilga Rivers, Kathleen Mitchell Dell’Orto, & Vincent Dell’Orto
New York: Oxford University Press © 1975
One in a series of practical guides for teaching foreign languages in high school or at the undergraduate level; includes theoretical discussions of and practical applications for oral communication, pronunciation, grammar instruction, listening and reading comprehension, and writing; 346 pages.

A Practical Review of German Grammar 3rd Edition
Gerda Dippmann & Johnanna Watzinger-Tharp
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc. © 2000
Focuses on enhancing reading comprehension in an empirical style. Features exercises that are in natural, conversational German. For anyone who wishes to study German language; 397 pages.

Oxford-Duden German Dictionary German–English/English–German
W. Scholze-Strubenrecht & J.B. Sykes
New York: Oxford University Press © 2005
1800 pages

Vier Novellen von Michael Kreuzenau
Michael Kreuzenau
Ginn and Company © 1963

  1. Fremde in Dinkelburg
  2. Der kleine Bürgermeister stirbt
  3. Die jungen Landstreicher
  4. Der Millionär