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60 Minutes In The Musée D’Orsay
Manuela Hoelterhoff
A CondéNast Traveler Pocket Guide (November 1996) to the Musée d’Orsay written in English; provides history of the train station turned museum and "guided tour" of works of art in the collection; 15-page brochure.

258 Chansons du temps qui passe: Populaires et de France
Albi, France: La Boîte à Livres © 1998
Texts of 258 popular French songs from the Marseillaise of 1792 to Où vas-tu Basile? of 1975; indexed alphabetically by title as well as by name of songs’ most famous interpreters; 271 pages.

501 French Verbs 3rd Edition
Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. © 1990


A la française
Marie Gontier Geno
Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, Inc. © 1992


Beaux Gestes: A Guide to French Body Talk
Laurence Wylie & Rick Stafford
Cambridge, MA: The Undergraduate Press © 1977

Bescherelle 1: la conjugaison
Paris: Hatier © 1990
Dictionnaire de douze mille verbes

Boutique blanche: la liste de mariage
Bridal registry brochure from les magasins du Printemps

Canal +
No. 112, March 1997

Chartres Cathedral
Etienne Houvet and Malcolm B. Miller
Editions Houvet © 1968 by Helio-Lorraine

Cinema for French Conversation: Le cinema en cours de français 2nd Edition
Anne-Christine Rice
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing, R. Pullins & Company, Inc. © 2003 Anne-Christine Rice

Cinema for French Conversation: Le cinema en cours de français – Cahier du professeur 2nd Edition
Anne-Christine Rice
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing, R. Pullins & Company, Inc. © 2003, 2004 Anne-Christine Rice

La cinquième étoile
Gilbert Picard
Paris: CEPREDI © 1992
Detective story set in a luxury hotel in Paris, with a star ballerina as the principal character

A Complete French Grammar For Reference and Practice
Trudie Maria Booth
Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America © 2010

Contacts – Langue et culture françaises 9th Edition
Jean-Paul Valette & Rebecca M. Valette
Boston, MA: Heinle Cengage Learning © 2014

Cuthbertson Verb Wheel
Lexington: D.C. Heath © 1933
Gives conjugations of irregular verbs

Dictionnaire Bélisle de la langue française au Canada/Dictionnaire Oxford français-anglais, anglais-français
Société des Editions Leland, Ltée, circa 1958

Édith Piaf
Stan Cuesta
Paris: Librio Musique © 2000
Brief biography of one of France’s premier song interpreters of the period 1935–1963; includes discography and videography; 89 pages

English Grammar for Students of French 2nd Edition
Jacqueline Morton
Ann Arbor, MI: The Olivia and Hill Press © 1989
“Study guide for those learning French;” designed to be an accompaniment to any textbook, this guide offers simple explanations of English grammar structures (i.e. parts of speech, word functions, grammatical concepts) by answering basic questions (e.g. What is gender? What are relative pronouns?, etc.); uses examples, charts, step-by-step instructions and short practice exercises (with answer key) to identify similarities and differences between English and French; 224 pages.

L’enseignement par le mouvement
Nancy Márquez
Los Gatos, CA: Sky Oaks Productions © 1984
25 beginning lessons in French, based on the Total Physical Response methodology; 74 pages

Colorful fold-out brochure featuring aerial view of this village of the Alpes de Haute Provence, with historical and tourist information provided in French, English and German.

Europe at Strasbourg
Strasbourg: Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace © 1980
English-language booklet containing basic information about the Council of Europe and the European Parliament; 60 pages

Eurostar Brochures
5 brochures containing general, fare and timetable information about high-speed passenger train service between London and continental Europe via the Channel Tunnel

No. 12, March 1997

L’Express international
No. 2115, 23 janvier 1992

Eyewitness Travel Guide: France
DK Publishing, Inc. © 1994, 1998


Faire écrire
G. Bailly-Maître of CDRP Antilles-Guyane
© 1979 Stage Saint Martin
Compilation of writing activities suggested for use in l’enseignement du français au second degré; 56 pages.

Le Figaro Économie
Mardi 4 mars 1997 with LE FIGARO MULTIMÉDIA no. 9 (newspapers)

First Class À Paris No. 646, 1–10 mars 1997
Subtitled La revue des décideurs internationaux, this colorful guide includes information about shopping, night life, gastronomy, exhibitions in Paris.

Forces Québec No. 107, 1994
Economic, social and cultural quarterly (magazine)

France — 1995 Discovery Guide: A World Of Museums
© 1995 French Government Tourist Office
Magazine filled with colorful photographs; this issue focuses on information about museums throughout France and includes articles on rare finds in virtually every geographical area of the country; article on Corsica also included.

France Information No. 136, 1990 (magazine)

France Informations: La Révolution Française (magazine)

France Insider’s News Vol. 3, no. 2, May–July 1995 (newspaper)

France Magazine No. 15, Winter 1989/90 (magazine)

France Today (magazine)

Le français dans le monde Nos. 222–226, 228–230
Paris: EDICEF ©1988, 1989, 1990
Each issue contains articles about French society, cinema, theatre, music, language, etc.; includes fiches pratiques for use in classroom teaching.

Francoscopie 2001: Comment vivent les Français
Gérard Mermet © 2001 Larousse
9th edition of a biennial review of the “French way of life” — facts, analyses, trends, comparisons and statistics on physical health and appearance, family life, work, money, sports, hobbies, media, vacations, etc.; 484 pages.

Frantour: le guide des hôtels
1996 edition of Hôtels Frantour publicity brochure; includes photographs, general information and price of accommodations at Frantour hotels throughout France and elsewhere.

French Phrasebook & Dictionary 5th Edition
Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. © 2012
ISBN: 978-1-74220-811-4

French Reference Grammar
Daniel J. Calvez
Lincolnwood, IL: NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group © 1993
Described by the author as “a complete handbook of the French language,” this volume reviews grammatical structures, forms and usage and supplements explanations with extensive lists and tables; contents organized by parts of speech; 426 pages.

Georges Pompidou Center
Paris: Société Française de Promotion Artistique © 1990
special 74-page special issue of the French art magazine Connaissance des Arts that presents the entire structure and organization of the Pompidou Center; in English.

Gimmick I: français parlé
Adrienne Penner
New York: W. W. Norton Co., Inc. © 1977
A text for vocabulary building designed to help the student learn the language “as it is actually spoken;” includes idiomatic and colloquial-slang expressions.

La grammaire en fiches — français
© 1992 by Avigail Azoulay-Vicente of M.I.T.
A new concept of grammar conceived as a tool used for self-correction; features 287 boxed flash cards with a grammar question presented on each card; explains rules in a step-by-step fashion in English; most exceptions integrated into rule formulations.

La grande anthologie de la chanson française
Pierre Saka
Paris: Librairie Générale Française © 2001
Texts of 800 songs representing French popular song from the 1800s to the 1990s; indexed alphabetically by song title, author, composer and interpreter; includes brief biographical notes for selected interpreters; 894 pages.

Guide TGV Nord Europe
SNCF brochure containing general, fare and timetable information valid through May 31, 1997; useful realia for language classroom applications.


HarperCollins Robert French-English/English-French Dictionary 3rd Edition
NY: HarperCollins Publishers and Dictionnaires Le Robert © 1993
Unabridged edition

Harrap’s Business Dictionary: Anglais/Français — Français/Anglais
London: Harrap © 1981

Harrap’s Standard French and English Dictionary Vols. 1 (A–I) and 2 (J–Z)
London: Harrap © 1980

Harrap’s Standard English and French Dictionary Vols. 3 (A–K) and 4 (L–Z)
London: Harrap © 1980

Le Haut-Kœnigsbourg: Numéro spécial de “Connaissance des Arts”
Philip Jodidio (Editor in Chief)
Société Française de Promotion Artistique © 1996

Histoire de l’Alsace
Bernard Vogler
Éditions Ouest-France © 2002

Invest In Europe: Alsace (promotional magazine)

Issues And Methods In French for Business and Economic Purposes
Patricia W. Cummins (Editor)
Dubuque, IA: American Association of Teachers of French © 1995
A volume focussing on the issues of concern and methodologies of interest to teachers of French for Business courses; includes: (1) documentation of resources available to North American French teachers, (2) suggestions for preparing students for the Paris Chamber of Commerce exams, (3) description of French for Business programs in Canada, (4) French for Business classes at the secondary school level, (5) suggestions for use of the Minitel in the Business French classroom, (6) outline of federal grant opportunities and how to pursue them; 158 pages.

Je vais en France 1996–1997
Publication of the Centre National des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires aimed at providing general and practical information about France, its university system, etc. to students planning to pursue studies in France; 213 pages; 1 copy available.

Label France Nos. 10,11,17,18,19,20,21 (magazine)
Jan./Feb.1993, March/April 1993, Oct. 1994, Jan. 1995, March 1995, May 1995, August 1995

Larousse: conjugaison — 10.000 Verbes / 115 conjugaisons
Paris: Librairie Larousse © 1987

Larousse du XXe siècle
Paris: Librairie Larousse © 1928
6-volume French-language dictionary/encyclopedia containing entries (biographical, historical, other) and illustrations (some in color) not often included in more contemporary reference volumes; 6,502 pages!!

Lyon et sa région: faits et chiffres
Lyon: Aderly, mars 1995
77-page booklet containing statistical information about the city of Lyon; includes information about Lyon’s history, geography, population, employment and education of its citizens, economy, quality of life, culture, tourism; also includes useful addresses and telephone numbers.

Le magazine No. 16, Sept./Oct. 1993 (magazine)

Oxford-Duden Pictorial French & English Dictionary
Oxford: Oxford University Press © 1983

Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary French-English/English-French
New York: Oxford University Press © 1994

Le Parc-Paris
Colorful 1996 publicity brochure with room service breakfast menu in French and English for the Westin Demeure Hotel Le Parc located in Paris’ 16th arrondissement.

Pages d’écritures mai 87, No. 9
Houston: French American Institute for International Studies © 1987
“la revue du professeur de français aux Etats-Unis;” collection of pedagogical ideas and activities for use with beginning through advanced-level French students; 60 pages.

Paris je t’aime
Préface: Claudie Ossard
Textes: Emmanuelle Sarrouy, Marie-Ange Demory
Hachette Livre - Hachette Pratique © 2006

Petit Larousse illustré: Français/Français
Paris: Librairie Larousse © 1983

Le Petit Robert, vol. 1 — Dictionnaire de la langue française
Paris: Le Robert © 1990

Le Petit Robert, vol. 2 — Dictionnaire universel des noms propres
Paris: Le Robert © 1990

A Picture is Worth... 1000 Words... Books 1 & 2
Anthony Mollica
Welland, Ontario: éditions Soleil publishing, inc. © 1992
Subtitled Creative activities for the language classroom, the two volumes of 60 photographs each are intended to provide visual stimuli for discussion and conversation activity in the language classroom; also available: Teacher’s Guide (by Anthony Mollica, Julie Ashcroft, and Anne-Marie Finger) containing questions for each photograph.

Poèmes, pièces, prose: Introduction à lanalyse de textes littéraires français
Schofer, Rice and Berg
New York: Oxford University Press © 1973
725-page text designed to teach introductory students of French literature how to read literary works; features detailed questions interspersed with original text passages; organization by genre, use of textes modèles.

A Practical Guide To The Teaching Of French
Wilga Rivers (New York: Oxford University Press © 1975
One in a series of practical guides for teaching foreign languages in high school or at the undergraduate level; includes theoretical discussions of and practical applications for oral communication, pronunciation, grammar instruction, listening and reading comprehension, and writing; 348 pages.

Quant à moi... Témoignages des Français at des Francophones 5th Edition
Jeannette D. Bragger, Donald B. Rice
Boston, MA: Heinle Cengage Learning © 2013

Reflet: Revue des Enseignants de Français Langue Etrangère
Paris: Association Reflet, ©1988, 1989, 1990
Nos. 25, 29–32 each issue contains articles about teaching, cultural readings and recordings, pedagogical ideas and recorded selections; 60-minute audiocassette accompanies each issue; in French.

La Suisse — Dossier Educatif © 1993
A collection of French-language information about Switzerland; includes: 96-page text documenting Switzerland’s geography, history, economy, political and cultural institutions, six leaflets of information on these topics and the educational system, map of Switzerland, street map of Geneva, 43" x 30" color poster, brochure describing the life and travels of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, seven short literary texts by Swiss authors, 31-page booklet on the history and making of various Swiss cheeses, lists of documentary videos and addresses pertaining to Switzerland.

Textes et Pastiches: Une initiation à la littérature
Bette H Lustig
Lexington, MA: French Literary Publications © 1999

A Translation Textbook
Lanham, MD: University Press of America © 1985
Non-literary texts compiled by Madeleine Sergent and Kay Wilkins; text divided into six sections: journalism, politics, administration, social sciences, economics, sciences and technology; each section offers five texts in French, five texts in English to be translated — the French to English, the English to French; includes discussion of theory and technique of translation, translation samples and end vocabulary; 127 pages.

Traveller Style International No. 2, November 1996–May 1997 (magazine)

Where Paris March 1997 (magazine)

Word by Word English/Haitian Kreyol Picture Dictionary
Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss, Roger E. Savin, Edwige Crevecoeur-Bryant, Maud Paultre Fontus
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Regents © 1995