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English Pronunciation Recordings

language laboratory catalog

Accurate English
EN 1.046
An intermediate to advanced level textbook and reference guide to the pronunciation of English in North America, as spoken by educated native speakers in fluent speech; divided into introductory material and four main areas — vowels, stress and rhythm, consonants, and intonation; includes discussion of spelling patterns for ordinary words, academic words and exceptions, as well as rules for stress placement; includes examples of reductions, simplifications and regional variations.
2 copies of text available
Total time: approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

The American Accent Guide 2nd Edition
EN 1.051
A complete, comprehensive course on the pronunciation and speaking style of American English; text © 2006 by Beverly A. Lujan, speech-language pathologist, and accompanying 8 audio CDs provide an overview of American English speech patterns as well as practice activities focusing on rhythm and stress, English vowels and consonants, as well as intonation.
Total time: approx. 8 hours

American Accent Training 2nd edition
EN 1.052
A guide to speaking and pronouncing colloquial American English; 13 lessons focussing on the intonation, stress and liaisons used by American English speakers; a “pure sound” approach to speaking; 198-page book © 2000 Ann Cook and 5 audio CDs.
Total time: approx. 6 hours

American Accent Training: Grammar
EN 1.057
Covers grammar, accent, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling, and punctuation.

English Pronunciation
EN 1.004
A complete set of pronunciation exercises for use at all levels; exercises in sound segments, intonation and rhythm.
Text available

Jazz Chants
EN 1.030
Very entertaining poems and dialogues that encourage intonation practice; for use at all levels.
2 copies of text available
48 minutes

EN 1.038
A complete set of pronunciation drills through the intermediate level.
2 copies of text available
Total time: approx. 6 hours

P.D.’S in Depth
EN 1.039
An advanced version of pronunciation drills.
2 copies of text available
Total time: approx. 7 hours

Pronunciation Pairs: An Introduction to the Sounds of English 2nd Edition
Baker & Goldstein
EN 1.060
Student Audio CDs and Class Audio CDs

Small Talk
EN 1.043
Collection of jazz chants, “rhythmic expressions of standard American English as it occurs in a situational context;” arranged by language functions, each unit accentuates rhythm and intonation patterns of spoken American English by providing low-intermediate through advanced-level chants, listening exercises, pronunciation practice, and other activities; accompanying text includes exercise pages, teacher's notes for each unit and answer key.
Audiocassettes of chants: 60 minutes
Audiocassette of exercises: 41 minutes