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Program of Study

international studies program

The International Studies Program offers major and minor courses of study.

Admission is by competitive application at the end of freshman year. Approximately 100 students will be accepted into the major. Criteria for admission include academic achievement (overall GPA, rigor of the academic program, and other noteworthy aspects of academic performance), demonstrated personal and intellectual commitment to the field, quality of the student's personal statement, and foreign language proficiency (where applicable to the proposed course of study).

International Studies Major

The major in International Studies consists of seven core courses drawn from several departments: a six-course disciplinary based in either economics, political science, or history/culture/society, and a Senior-year seminar.

Information for First Year Students

Freshmen or transfer students who are considering applying for this major are advised to take one or more foundation courses, appropriate for the International Studies Program, to build their academic background and demonstrate their academic skills in topics related to the major. View courses that will count toward the IS Major, as well as fulfill core requirements.

International Studies Minor

The minor requires two core introductory courses and four elective courses as determined by the student's chosen thematic concentration.


Students interested in the major or minor programs should consult the application requirements. The Carroll School of Management also offers its own International Studies minor for CSOM students.


Students are advised to check course offerings carefully in planning their program as not all courses are offered each year.