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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

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islamic civilization and societies

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Fine Arts

ARTH 1176  Jerusalem

ARTH 2203  Great Cities of the Islamic Lands

ARTH 2213  Introduction to Islamic Architecture

ARTH 2214  The Art of the Silk Road

ARTH 2226  Islamic Spain/al-Andalus: Word, Monument, & Image

ARTH 2234  Mosques, Minarets, & Madrasas

ARTH 2235  The Arts of Persia

ARTH 2276  Islamic Art

ARTH 2280  Masterpieces of Islamic Art

ARTH 3314  Art and Archeology of Egypt and Ancient Near East

ARTH 3350  The Art of the Object/Islamic Art

ARTH 4409  The Art of the Islamic Book

ARTH 4410  Orientalism

ARTH 4417  Paper Trails

ARTH 4412  Cairo: City of 1001 Nights

FILM 3314  Cinema of the Greater Middle East

FILM 3386  Conflict Resolution Films

FILM TBD  Film and Genocide  


COMM 2262  Online Communication and Global Society


ECON 3316  The Economics of Refugees and Economic Migrants 


HIST 2155  Podcasting the Ottomans

HIST 2207  Islamic Civilization in the Middle East

HIST 2840  Mobile Muslims in Indian Ocean Empires  

HIST 3315  Islam in South Asia

HIST 3334  Islamic Spain/al-Andalus: Word, Monument, & Image

HIST 3353  Africa, Islam, & Europe

HIST 4122  Odysseys in Western & Islamic Traditions

HIST 4131  Rise & Fall of the Ottoman Empire

HIST 4132  Nationalism and the Middle East

HIST 4133  Middle East Nationalisms Compared: Pan-Turkism, Pan-Arabism, and Zionism

HIST 4134  Ottoman Empire, 1300-1924

HIST 4135  History & Historiography of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

HIST 4140  Middle East in the Twentieth Century

HIST 4150  Modern Iran

HIST 4497  Terror & the American Century

HIST 5110  Cities of the Islamic Mediterranean

HIST 6667  Jews & Islamic Civilization

HIST 7315  The Islamic Mediterranean

Islamic Civilization and Societies

ICSP 1199  Islamic Civilization

ICSP 1224  Turkey at the Crossroads: Politics, Religion and the State

ICSP 1610  Middle Eastern Musical Lang, Choir, Ensemble - I

ICSP 1611  Middle Eastern Musical Lang, Choir, Ensemble II

ICSP 2225  Exploring the Religious Worlds of Istanbul & Anatolia

ICS 2226  Inside the Kingdom: Conversations with Saudi Women

ICSP 2250  Conversion, Islam, and Politics in the Balkans 

ICSP 2309  Music and Culture in the Middle East

ICSP 2475  Kuwait: Politics & Oil in the Gulf 

ICSP 2615  Islam & Liberal Democracy

ICSP 2638  Islamic Political Philosophy

ICSP 3310  Women and Gender in Islam

ICSP 3328  Islam in the Iberian Peninsula

ICSP 4941  ICS Senior Seminar

ICSP 4952  ICS Senior Thesis  

ICSP 7010  Islam and History in the Middle East


MUSA 2308  Music in the Medieval Islamic World

MUSA 2309  Music & Culture in the Middle East

MUSP 1660  Middle Eastern Ensemble 


PHIL 4407  Medieval Philosophy

Political Science

POLI 2363  Muslims in U.S. Society & Politics

POLI 2414  Politics & Society in Central Eurasia

POLI 2475/INTL 2475  Kuwait: Politics & Oil in the Gulf

POLI 2405  Comparative Politics of the Middle East

POLI 2420  Modern Iran 

POLI 2426  Modern Turkish Politics  

POLI 2427  International Migration and Refugees

POLI 2451  France and the Muslim World 

POLI 2502  U.S-Iran Relations since World War II

POLI 2528  International Relations of the Middle East

POLI 2615  Islam & Liberal Democracy

POLI 2638  Islamic Political Philosophy

POLI 3444  Intellectuals & Politics in the Middle East

POLI 3527  Terrorism & Political Violence

POLI 4404  Anatomy of Dictatorship  

POLI 4449  Domestic Politics in Postwar Europe

POLI 4450  France & the Muslim World

POLI 4690  The Political Philosophy of Alfarabi

POLI 7700  Muslims & American Institutions

POLI 7804  Politics and Society in the Middle East 

POLI 7806  Political Cultures of the Middle East

POLI 7812  State-Church Relations in Modern Europe

POLI 7813  Islam in Europe

POLI 7814  Religion in International Politics 

Romance Languages and Literatures

RLRL 2299  Harmony & Dissonance: Christians, Jews, & Muslims in Medieval Spain

FREN 3360  Literature & Culture Francophones

SPAN 6611  Epocas I: Medieval Spain, Crossroads of the World

Slavic & Eastern Languages and Literatures

NELC 1121  Elementary Arabic

NELC 1122  Elementary Arabic II 

NELC 1123  Elementary Arabic Practicum  

NELC 1124  Elementary Arabic Pacticum II

NELC 1131  Arabic for Scholars I

NELC 1132  Arabic for Scholars II Department

NELC 1211 & NELC 1212  Modern Hebrew I & II

NELC 1251  Biblical Hebrew

NELC 1252  Biblical Hebrew II 

NELC 1331  Persian for Scholars I

NELC 1332  Persian for Scholars II

NELC 1431 & NELC 1432  Turkish for Scholars I & II

NELC 2061  Language Memory and Identity in the Middle East

NELC 2062  States and Minorities in the Middle East

NELC 2063  Near Eastern Civilizations

NELC 2121  Intermediate Arabic I

NELC 2122  Intermediate Arabic II

NELC 2123  Intermediate Arabic Practicum

NELC 2124  Intermediate Arabic Practicum II

NELC 2161  Modern Middle Eastern and Arabic Literature  

NELC 2211  Continuing Modern Hebrew I

NELC 2331  Advanced Readings in Persian Texts

NELC 2431  Advanced Readings in Turkish Texts

NELC 3162  Business Arabic

NELC 4114  Al-Lahja Ash-Shaamiyyah; Levantine Vernacular (by arrangement)

NELC 4121 & NELC 4122  Advanced Arabic I & II

NELC 4130  Advanced Arabic Reading Seminar 

NELC 4190  Advanced Tutorial Arabic

SLAV 2062/EN 2252  Exile & Literature

SLAV 2065  Society/National Identity in the Balkans

SLAV 2066  Conversion, Islam, & Politics in the Balkans

SLAV 2067  Gender & War in Eastern Europe

SLAV 2069  Literature of the Other Europe in Translation

SLAV 2071  War & Peace in Yugoslavia

LING 3359  The Structure of Biblical Hebrew


SOCY 1150  States & Minorities in the Middle East

SOCY 2280  Society and National Identity in the Balkans

SOCY 3367  Social Justice in Israel/Palestine 


THEO 1161/1162  Religious Quest: Comparative Perspectives

THEO 1224  Turkey at the Crossroads: Politics, Religion and the State

THEO 1225  Exploring the Religious Worlds of Istanbul & Anatolia

THEO 1703  Building a Habitable Planet

THEO 3116  Medieval Religions & Thought

THEO 3325  Lebanon: Focal Point of a Crisis

THEO 5351  Faith Elements in Conflict

THEO 5352  Israelis & Palestinians

THEO 5441  Ibn ‘Arabi & the Islamic Humanities: Islamic Philosophy & Theology

THEO 5500  Women and Gender in Islam

THEO 5544  Prophetic Tradition & Inspiration: Exploring the Hadith

THEO 5554  Encountering the Qur'an: Contexts & Approaches

THEO 5557  Introduction to Islamic Philosophical Traditions

THEO 5566  Mystical Poetry in the Islamic Humanities

THEO 5576  Pathways to God: Islamic Theologies in Context

THEO 5582  Biblical Hebrew

THEO 5592  Conflict Resolution Films

THEO TBD  Film and Genocide