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About HOBS

higgins operations and business services

What is Higgins Operations and Business Services?

The Higgins Operations and Business Services (or HOBS) unit was created to service the occupants of Higgins Hall. HOBS is intended primarily to support the management of the Biology and Physics Departments by combining and streamlining administrative needs and activities common to both departments. HOBS is a centralized group of professionals dedicated to the welfare of the occupants of Higgins Hall. While the unit members may not interact with each other on a regular basis, there is a responsibility to provide support within the unit.

Who Does HOBS Serve?

HOBS serves primarily members of the Physics and Biology areas, other tenants of Higgins Hall, and the members of the unit.

What Does HOBS Provide?

HOBS staff provides a professional level of expertise in their respective areas. The expertise is focused and allows for a greater level of awareness. Connection to the University: Higgins Operations and Business Services is the middleman between the departments and university operations.