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AP and Transfer Credits

Advanced Placement Credit

Students who scored a four or five in A.P. European History have fulfilled the History Core requirement. If your course audit does not reflect this, consult the Core Moderator.

For the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017, a score of four or five in A.P. American History fulfills the two-semester (6 credit) U.S. History requirement (HIST 2401-2402). For the Class of 2018, a History Major with a score of 4 or 5 on the A.P. test in American History Placement must substitute two U.S. History electives for the HIST 2401-2402 sequence.

Transfer Credit in History

History majors who have transferred from other colleges and universities must consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies to see how the history elective courses accepted for Boston College credit by the transfer admissions staff will be applied toward major requirements. For transfer of Core history courses, see the Core Moderator.

Boston College history majors hoping to take summer school elective courses, either at BC or elsewhere, must first seek approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. When you meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, bring with you the catalog description of the course(s) you want to take. If you are planning to take a summer school course away from BC, it must be at a four-year college or university. You should expect to get elective (not upper-division) credit for summer school courses. American History surveys are usually accepted in place of HIST 2401-2402, and it is possible to take courses for non-Western credit, as long as the course's non-Western content is clear from the course description. Students intending to study abroad should remember that at least six of the ten courses required for the major must be taken at BC during the regular academic year. Anyone desiring to take a History Core course in summer school must see the Core Moderator.

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