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Benjamin Braude

associate professor

Benjamin Braude

Office: Stokes Hall S393

Telephone: 617-552-3787



Ph.D., Harvard University, 1978

Fields of Interest

Race and the construction of collective identities in the Middle East and Europe; Ottoman history; Jewish history

Academic Profile

Professor Braude teaches courses on the Middle East and on European-Middle Eastern relations. In addition to those interests, his research also focuses on religious, racial, and ethnic identities in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim culture. Currently he is completing Sex, Slavery, and Racism: The Secret History of the Sons of Noah, which examines the construction of attitudes toward color and identity from the ancient Near East and the classical world to the present. More broadly, he is interested in post-national conceptions of historiography. He has been a visiting professor at the École des hautes etudes en sciences sociales in Paris and a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Representative Publications

  • "Cham et Noé. Race, esclavage et exégèse entre Islam, Judaïsme, et Christianisme, Annales: Histoire, Sciences Sociales (2002); unedited English original.
  • "The Myth of the Sefardi Economic Superman," in Jeremy Adelman and Stephen Aron, eds., Trading Cultures: The Worlds of Western Merchants Essays on Authority, Objectivity and Evidence (2001)
  • Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire, the Functioning of a Plural Society: Volume I: The Central Lands; Volume II: The Arabic-Speaking Lands. Co-editor with Bernard Lewis (1982)
  • "The Nexus of Diaspora, Enlightenment, and Nation: Thoughts on Comparative History," Enlightenment and Diaspora, the Armenian and Jewish Cases (1999)
  • "Jews in Muslim Society," History of Humanity (UNESCO, 1999)
  • "The Myth of the Sefardi Economic Superman," Trading Cultures: The Worlds of Western Merchants (1999)
  • "The Sons of Noah and the Construction of Ethnic and Geographical Identities in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods," William and Mary Quarterly (1997)
  • "Les contes persans de Menasseh Ben Israel: Polemique, apologetique et dissimulation a Amsterdam au xvii siecle," Annales (1994)
  • "Open Thou Mine Eyes..." Essays on Aggadah and Judaica Presented to Rabbi William G. Braude on His Eightieth Birthday and Dedicated to His Memory (co-editor, 1992)
  • "The Rise and Fall of Salonica Woollens, 1500-1650: Technology Transfer and Western Competition," Mediterranean Historical Review (1991)