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PhD Reading Lists

history department

Below is a selection of reading lists that Ph.D. candidates used to prepare for their oral comprehensive exams.


Indian Ocean (Gallagher, 2013)

Nation, Religion, and Modernity (Ball, 2008)

Social History of Modern South Asia (Ball, 2008)

Women and Gender in Modern South Asia (Ball, 2008)


Atlantic World

Atlantic History (Hirota, 2007)

Atlantic History (Hardesty, 2010)

Atlantic World (Gallagher, 2013)

Atlantic World (Malanson, 2006)

Atlantic World, 1500-2000 (Hardesty, 2010)


Britain & British Empire

British Empire (Cowan, 2007)

British Empire (Doyle, 2001)

British Empire (Tumblin, 2011)

British History (Doyle, 2001)

British History (Kuiken, 2008)

British History (Tumblin, 2011)

Indian Ocean (Gallagher, 2013)

Modern Britsh History (Chill, 2004)

Modern British History (Foss, 2011)

Modern British History (Tanis, 2004)

United Kingdom (Moloney, 2006)


Diaspora Studies / Immigration

American Immigration (Hirota, 2007)

Diaspora Studies (King, 2008)

Immigration and Ethnicity (Dwyer, 2003)

Immigration and Ethnicity (McEvoy, 2009)

Immigration/Ethnic Identity (Meehan, 2009)

Irish Global Migration (McEvoy, 2009)

Irish Migration (Delahanty, 2008)


Early Modern Europe

Early Modern Europe (Gallagher, 2013)

Early Modern Europe (Kay, 2013)

Early Modern Europe (Twomey, 2012)


Foreign Policy

Diplomatic History (Chapman, 2004)

Foreign Policy (Malanson, 2006)

Foreign Policy (Tumblin, 2011)

Foreign Relations (Noonan, 2010)


Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality (Butler, 2011)

Queer Theory (Cavallari, 2004)

Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (Mezzano, 2002)

US Southern Women (Baines, 2005)

Women and Gender in Modern South Asia (Ball, 2008)


Intellectual History

Enlightenment/Freudian Theory (Cavallari, 2004)

European Intellectual History (Butler, 2011)

European Intellectual History (Mezzano, 2002)

Social/Intellectual History (Mezzano, 2002)


International History

International History (Jimenez, 2013)

International History (Noonan, 2010)



Irish History (Cowan, 2007)

Irish Migration (Delahanty, 2008)

Irish Migration (McEvoy, 2009)

Modern Irish History (Foss, 2011)

Post-Famine Irish History (Delahanty, 2008)


Latin America

Latin America (Hardesty, 2010)

Latin America (Jimenez, 2013)


Material Culture

Material Culture/Religious History (Mason, 2008)


Medieval History

Early Medieval Britain and the North Atlantic (Kay, 2013)

Early Medieval Britain (Twomey, 2012)

Historical Archaeology (Mason, 2008)

Islamic History (Mason, 2008)

Medieval Art (Mason, 2008)

Medieval Art (Twomey, 2012)

Medieval Europe (Kay, 2013)

Medieval Religious History (Mason, 2008)


Modern Europe

Cold War (Kuiken, 2008)

European History (Moloney, 2006)

European History (Kuiken, 2008)

French History (Cavallari, 2004)

German History (King, 2008)

Modern European History (Butler, 2011)

Modern European History (Foss, 2011)

Modern European History (Tumblin, 2011)

Modern German History (Butler, 2011)

Modern German History (Jimenez, 2013)

Russian History (Mukhina, 2003)

Trauma and Revolution in Europe (Meehan, 2009)



Nation, Religion, and Modernity (Ball, 2008)

Nationalism (Kuiken, 2008)



American Catholicism (McEvoy, 2009)

Islamic History (Mason, 2008)

Medieval Religious History (Mason, 2008)

Nation, Religion, and Modernity (Ball, 2008)

Religious History (Cowan, 2007)

US Catholic History (Nytroe, 2004)

US Religious History (Meehan, 2009)

US Religious History (Trutor, 2009)


U.S. History

American Irish History (Dwyer, 2003)

American West (Rathge, 2011)

Americans at War (Delahanty, 2008)

Civil War to Civil Rights (Rathge, 2011)

Cold War (Kuiken, 2008)

Colonial to Revolutionary War (Noonan, 2010)

Constitutional History (Rathge, 2011)

Cultural History (Trutor, 2009)

Early U.S. History (Chapman, 2004)

Early U.S. History (Cowan, 2007)

Late U.S. History (Chapman, 2004)

Mid-Nineteenth to Mid-Twentieth Century US History (Delahanty, 2008)

Military History (Chapman, 2004)

19th Century American History (Nytroe, 2004)

19th Century US History (Hirota, 2007)

Political History 1787-1914 (Malanson, 2006)

Slavery, African Americans, and the American South, 1607-1900 (Hardesty, 2010)

Slavery, Race, and Abolitionism (Hirota, 2007)

U.S. History 1750-1860 (Malanson, 2006)

US History, 1789-1877 (Hardesty, 2010)

U.S. History 1850-1950 (Dwyer, 2003)

US History Since 1865 (Trutor, 2009)

US History 1877-Present (Noonan, 2007)

US History to 1789 (Hardesty, 2010)

US History to 1877 (Meehan, 2009)


Urban History

Urban History/Urban Culture (Mezzano, 2002)

Urban History (Ball, 2008)