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Jesse Tumblin

ph.d. candidate

Jesse Tumblin


Curriculum Vitae 

Faculty Advisor: James Cronin


University of Tennessee (Honors Program)

Research Interests

I study the British Empire of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, leading up to the First World War. I’m interested in the political and strategic changes that occurred during the Edwardian period as the shadow of war loomed, as well as the often conflicting set of factors that made up national identity within the British Empire, including Ireland. I also study the movement of people and ideas within the British imperial network and the “Atlantic” or Anglo-American strategic nexus.


Core 011-012: Atlantic Worlds

Core 059-060: Islam and Global Modernities

Conference Papers

  • “The ‘Durbar Settlement’ and the Union of South Africa: Railways and Infrastructural Power in the British Empire, 1905-1914,” Middle Atlantic Conference on British Studies – Penn State, and Northeastern Graduate Conference: Empires and Technologies in World History, 2012
  • "“A Vision of Hell,' Proslavery Rhetoric as Social Criticism in the Mid-Nineteenth Century," American Conference of Irish Studies – Penn State, 2010
  • “The Conscription Crisis in Co. Meath, 1918: A Catalyst for Radicalization in Ireland’s Revolutionary Process," ΦΑΘ Regional Conference – Austin Peay State University, 2009


Boston College Presidential Fellowship

Clough Center for Constitutional Democracy Research Fellowship

Tobin Project National Security Studies Research Fellowship