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Jessica Butler

ph.d. candidate

Jessica Butler


Faculty Advisor: Devin Pendas


BA, History, Scripps College, 2009 (Honors)
MA, History, Boston College, 2012
PhD Candidate, Boston College

Conference Presentations:

"Making Homosexuality Medical: Nazi Notions of Sexual Degeneracy." The Medicalization of Sex: An International, Interdisciplinary Multimedia Conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia (April 2011).

"The Problem of Homosexuality in Nazi Ideology." Thirty-Fifth Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, Louisville, Kentucky (September 2011).

"Patriotism Glorified, Effeminacy Demonized: World War I Representations of Male Homosexuality in Magnus Hirschfeld's 'Aus der Kriegszeit.'" Thirty-Sixth Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (September 2012).

Research Interests:

20th century Germany; First World War; sexuality and science and the medicalization of homosexuality in Germany; male homosexuality and German notions of masculinity and effeminacy; representations of “the homosexual” during WWI and the politicization of a “homosexual threat” leading up to the years of the Third Reich; larger notions of degeneration and sexual degeneracy in modern Europe; discourse and ideology analysis of European sexualities and conceptions of gender.


  • Boston College Summer Research Grant (2012)
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst [DAAD] Six-Month Research Grant (2013)
  • Boston College Dissertation Fellowship (2014)


  • TA for "Democracy, Rights, and Empire", Boston College
  • TA for "Europe and the Modern World", Boston College
  • Visiting Lecturer for "Germany From Dictatorship to Democracy", College of the Holy Cross