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Current Ph.D. Students — Alphabetical List

history department

Whitney Abernathy Modern French intellectual and cultural history
Rachel Ball Women & gender in modern South Asia
Peter Berard  20th-c. U.S.; intellectual and diplomatic history 
Christine Bertoglio  Social and religious issues in High Medieval England and France 

Jessica Butler

Modern German history

Peter Cajka

Religion, politics and ideas in 20th-c. US
Katherine Carper 19th-c. US, American immigration, and social history
James Clifton Modern Britain 
Mimi Cowan 19th-c. urban immigration, labor & rtadicalism
Matthew Delvaux Archaeology and text in early medieval northwestern Europe

Jeffery Dyer

Nineteenth Century Ottoman Empire
Regan Eby Eleventh-century Brittany and Benedictine monastic charters

Erica Foss

19th-century Britain and Ireland
Michael Franczak Cold War; U.S. foreign and foreign economic policy

Elise Franklin

Modern France; intellectual history
Craig Gallagher British Atlantic World
Ryan Green US Foreign Policy
Eric Grube Modern Germany; cultural and political history
Daniel Hood Democracy and violence in early-mid 19th-c. Europe
Fumi Inoue Modern Japanese history; Japan-U.S. foreign relations; social movements
Felix Jimenez  Modern Germany; Human Rights; Latin America 
Janet Kay Fifth-century Britain, burial practices and socio-economic change
Joanna Kelly Religion, politics and culture in US history

Amy Limoncelli

Modern Britain
Michael McLean Western United States History, Native American History, and Environmental History
Shannon Monaghan Transnational and Transcultural Modern Europe 
John Morton Maine in the Early Republic
Alexander Noonan 19th- and 20th-c. U.S.
Natalia Rasmussen Modern German History; Modern European History; Race and racism; African Diaspora

Adam Rathge

Late 19th- & 20th-century U.S.
Christopher Riedel

Early medieval pilgrimage and the place of Jerusalem in Western thought
David Sessions Modern European intellectual history
Christopher Staysniak  20th-c. U.S.; Catholic American history
Clayton Trutor 19th-century U.S. social and cultural history

Jesse Tumblin

Modern Britain and Ireland
Carolyn Twomey Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastical history, liturgy, and art
Vander Broek, Allison 20th-c. U.S. History, American Catholicism, Social Movements/Social Activism

Kasper Volk

Intellectual History; Modern Germany

Andrea Wenz

Early modern Italy