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Andrey Ivanov

post-doctoral fellow


Telephone: (617) 552-3792

Office: Stokes Hall, Room S316


Curriculum Vitae


PhD, Yale University

Fields of Interest:

Russia and Eastern Europe; Eurasian history; early modern religion; history of Eastern Christianity

Representative Publications:

  • “The Saint of ‘Russian Reformation’: St. Tikhon of Zadonsk and the Impact of Protestantism in Eighteenth Century Orthodox Church.” In Cathy Potter, Jennifer Spock, Nikolaos Chrissidis, eds. Religion and National Identity in Russia and the Soviet Union (Bloomington, IN, 2011): 81-106
  •  “Reformation and the Muscovite Czar: Anti-Protestant Polemic in the Writings of Ivan the Terrible.” Sixteenth Century Journal 40 (Winter 2009), pp. 1109-1129
  •  “Conflicting Loyalties: Fugitives and ‘Traitors’ in the Russo-Manchurian Frontier, 1651-1689.” Journal of Early Modern History Volume 13, No. 5 (2009), 333-358