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Thomas O'Connor

professor emeritus & university historian


PhD, Boston University, 1957

Fields of Interest

Mid-nineteenth century American history; history of Boston; the age of Jackson; the Civil War

Academic Profile

Professor O'Connor has taught survey courses in United States history and elective courses in Jacksonian America and the American Civil War. He regularly teaches graduate colloquia in the Jacksonian era and the Civil War period and offers graduate research seminars in both areas. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bostonian Society, a Resident Fellow at the Massachusetts Historical Society, a member of the Massachusetts Archives Commission, and has served as a member of the President's Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution.

Representative Publications

  • Boston Catholics: A History of the Church and its People (1998)
  • Civil War Boston: Homefront and Battlefield (1997)
  • The Boston Irish: A Political History (1995)
  • Building a New Boston: Politics and Urban Renewal 1950 to 1970 (1989)
  • South Boston My Hometown: A History of an Ethnic Neighborhood (1988)
  • Bibles, Brahmins and Bosses: A Short History of Boston (1976; 1984)
  • Fitzpatrick's Boston, 1846-1866 (1984)
  • Religion and American Society (1975)
  • The Disunited States: The United States in the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction (1972; 1977)
  • Lords of the Loom: The Cotton Whigs and the Coming of the Civil War (1968)