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Faculty — Alphabetical Listing

history department

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Bourg, Julian Modern European intellectual and cultural history; modern French history; the 1960s; terror and political violence; French theory
Braude, Benjamin

Race and the construction of collective identities in the Middle East and Europe; Ottoman history; Jewish history

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Cronin, James

European social and economic history; comparative labor history; state and society in Europe since 1750; British history; contemporary history

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Dodman, Thomas Modern European social and cultural history; modern France and French Empire; war and society; medicine and emotions; critical social theory and psychoanalysis
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Fleming, Robin

Medieval Europe; Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England; legal history

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Gallagher, Charles, S.J.

American Catholic history; Vatican diplomacy; U.S. diplomatic history; 19th & 20th century American social history; American religious history; history of the Holocaust
Gelfand, Mark

American history (1877-present); American political, legal, and business history

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Hachey, Thomas

Modern Ireland

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Ismay, Penelope Early Modern and Modern European social history, Britain and the British empire; social history of the economy; urbanization and migration; and modernity
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Jacobs, Seth

Twentieth-century United States; U.S. foreign policy; U.S.-Asian relations

Johnson, Marilynn

Modern U.S. urban and social history; the American West

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Kenny, Kevin

American immigration; global migration and diaspora

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Lal, Priya Modern African history, with a focus on East Africa; decolonization and nationalism; development; African socialism; gender
Levenson, Deborah

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Latin America with special interest in Central America,  social constructions and modernity; labor and urban history, and the history of art.

Lyerly, Cynthia

American women, with a special interest in gender ideology, religion, and women and race; and the history of the South

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Maney, Patrick

U.S. history, 1865-present; the Presidency; Congress
Maryks, Robert Early modern religious history; Jesuit history; racial laws
Matus, Zachary Intellectual and cultural history of Europe during the High and Late Middle Ages

Miller, Karen

Afro-American history; history of African-American women; American social history; history of higher education



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Oh, Arissa

Twentieth-century United States; U.S. immigration and race; Asian-American history; family and kinship; Cold War social policy; gender
O'Neill, Kevin

Ireland; rural society; famine

O'Toole, James

American religion; American Catholic history; archives and manuscripts

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Parthasarathi, Prasannan

Modern South Asian history; British Empire; labor history; economic history

Pendas, Devin

German history; modern Europe; legal history; history of mass violence and war

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Quigley, David

Nineteenth-century United States; urban history; Civil War and Reconstruction; America and the world

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Reinburg, Virginia

Early modern French history; the Reformation

Richardson, Heather

Nineteenth-century U.S. History, politics and economics, antebellum, Civil War and Reconstruction, history of the American West, history education

Rogers, Alan

United States Constitutional and legal history

Ross, Sarah

Early modern Europe; humanism; women and gender


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Sajdi, Dana

Pre-modern Middle Eastern history (mainly but not exclusively Ottoman history); popular and learned literary cultures; historiography; book history and urban history

Savage, Robert Irish political and cultural history; film and media in Ireland and Britain; Northern Ireland and Anglo-Irish relations in the 20th century
Sellers-GarcĂ­a, Sylvia Colonial Latin America; early modern Spain; colonial Central America; history of empire; narrative and literature.
Seraphim, Franziska Modern and contemporary Japanese history: social, political, and cultural; historical memory; social movements; relations with Asia; global and comparative history
Spagnoli, Paul France 1789-1945
Stanwood, Owen Colonial America; early modern Britain; Atlantic and global history
Summers, Martin African-American intellectual and cultural history; gender and masculinity; race and sexuality; race and mental Illness; African diaspora
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Taylor, Frank

Economic, social, political, and diplomatic history of the Caribbean; history of the African diaspora; Black social and political thought

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Zhang, Ling Environmental, economic, and political history of China; Chinese middle period; comparative history of water and rivers; landscape studies; historical geography; environmental ethics and environmental justice
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