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Fall 2014 Graduate Courses

history department

Please note that this information is subject to change. Please refer to the Student Services website for additional information.


Graduate Colloquia

A colloquium consists of readings, primarily in secondary sources, on a series of selected topics. All graduate students are urged to take at least one colloquium each semester.

HIST-8000 Coll: Intro to Doctoral Studies
Kenny Th 3-5:25
HIST-7202 Coll: Modern European History
Pendas T 3-5:25
HIST-7314 Coll: Environmental History O'Neill T 12:30-2:50

Graduate Seminars

Seminars primarily involve research in a carefully delineated topic. Students must discuss with the professor whether or not they have the necessary background and, where appropriate, the necessary foreign-language ability to qualify for admission into the seminar. Students are urged to take at least one seminar during their first year of classes.

HIST-8220 Sem: US Before 1900
Richardson M 3-5:25

Undergraduate Upper-Division Electives

Graduate students can take these courses but will need to complete additional assignments throughout the semester. An asterisk (*) indicates a 75-minute class.

HIST-4131 Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire
TTh 12:00*
HIST-4150 Modern Iran
Banuazizi TTh 10:30*
HIST-4190 Decolonization and the Cold War in Africa
Lal MWF 1:00
HIST-4232 Michelangelo and His World
Braude/ Mormando T 3-5:30
HIST-4239 Early Printed Books: History and Craft
Th 3-5:25
HIST-4240 The Reformation
TTh 12:00*
HIST-4244 Global Political Catholicism
MWF 1:00
HIST-4249 Sex, Sexuality & Gender in the West
TTh 4:30*
HIST-4282 History of Northern Ireland, 1912-Present
TTh 12:00*
HIST-4283 Disunited Kingdom
TTh 9:00*
HIST-4336 Latin American Women Represent Themselves
Levenson TTh 12:00*
HIST-4341 Revolutionary Cuba
MWF 12:00
HIST-4343 Slave Societies in the Caribbean and Latin America
Taylor MW 3:00*
HIST-4449 US 1929-1960
Maney TTh 10:30*
HIST-4465 Law and American Society
TTh 12:00*
HIST-4466 Adoption and Kinship in the US
Oh TTh 9:00*
HIST-4469 American Catholic History
O'Toole TTh 10:30*
HIST-4475 History of the American West
Johnson TTh 1:30*
HIST-4481 History of Black Nationalism
MWF 9:00
HIST-4484 Gender and Sexuality in African American History Summers TTh 1:30*
HIST-4495 US Foreign Policy I
Jacobs MWF 2:00
Nationalism & History Wars in East Asia
TTh 9:00*
HIST-4823 Ireland at War in the 20th C Rafferty MWF 10:00
HIST-4862 Early Modern Atlantic World Hamer MWF 1:00