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2015-16 Core Courses

history department

Fall 2015

HIST-1001-01 Europe in the World I
Ross TTh 11:00
HIST-1005-01 Asia in the World I
Mo TTh 10:00
HIST-1011-01 Atlantic Worlds I Rogers MW 2:00
HIST-1055-01 Globalization I
Hendrickson TTh 12:00
HIST-1067-01 America and the World I
MW 12:00
HIST-1077-01 Globalization I
Farber MWF 11:00
HIST-1083-01 Globalization I
Moloney TTh 9:00
HIST-1087-01 Globalization I Dewar TTh 3:00
HIST-1094-01 Modern History II Riedel MWF 8:00
HIST-1094-03 Modern History II Riedel MWF 12:00
HIST-1094-04 Modern History II Eby MWF 1:00
HIST-1094-05 Modern History II Eby MWF 2:00
HIST-1094-06 Modern History II Tumblin TTh 9:00*
HIST-1094-07 Modern History II Volk TTh 4:30*

Spring 2016

HIST-1002-01 Europe in the World II
Eaton TTh 11:00
HIST-1006-01 Asia and the World II
Seraphim TTh 10:00
HIST-1012-01 Atlantic Worlds II
MW 2:00
HIST-1056-01 Globalization II
Hendrickson TTh 12:00
HIST-1068-01 America and the World II
Oh MW 12:00
HIST-1078-01 Globalization II
Farber MWF 11:00
HIST-1084-02 Globalization II
Moloney TTh 9:00
HIST-1088-03 Globalization II Dewar TTh 3:00
HIST-1093-01 Modern History I Eby MWF 9:00
HIST-1093-02 Modern History I Riedel MWF 10:00
HIST-1093-03 Modern History I Eby MWF 11:00
HIST-1093-04 Modern History I Riedel MWF 1:00
HIST-1093-05 Modern History I Clifton TTh 9:00*
HIST-1093-06 Modern History I Cajka TTh 4:30*