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the guestbook project

Guestbook Overview

Recent Videos


Jerusalem: Across the Divide (2011)

Mitrovica: Young people of Serbia and Bosnia Speak out (2010)

"Facing the Stranger: Beyond the Walls" (Derry/Londonderry)

U.S.-Mexico Border: Under a Strange Sun (2012)

Dokdo or Takeshima: Between Islands

"Crossing Thresholds: At the Edge of the world" (Skellig Islands, Ireland, 2010)

"Welcoming the Stranger: A New Peace Council" (Bangalore, 2010)


"Imagining the Stranger: Stories of Encounter" (New York City, 2009)

"Reconciling the Stranger: Rites of Hospitality" (Glenstal Abbey, Ireland, 2009)

Summary Videos of Guestbook, Year One

The Seminar

The March 2009 Conference

The March 2009 Concert

The Poetry Festival

The Artists

The May 2009 Conference


March 13, 2009, Concert: Songs of Sacred Welcome featuring Noirin Ni Riain and Company

Poetries of the Stranger, April 17, featuring James Tate, Fanny Howe, and John Ashbery

Poetries of the Stranger, April 18, featuring Henri Cole, Jorie Graham, and Mark Strand

Poetries of the Stranger, April 19, featuring Adam Zagajewski, Lucie Brock-Broido, and Derek Walcott


Budhist Hospitality

Christian Hospitality

Hindu Hospitality

Muslim Hospitality

Jewish Hospitality

Conference 2: Phenomenologies of the Stranger

Panel 1: Jack Caputo and Karmen MacKendrick; Chair: David Rasmussen

Panel 2: Simon Critchley and William Richardson; Chair: Vanessa Rumble

Panel 3: Edward Casey and David Wood; Chair: Kalpana Seshadri

Hosting the Stranger seminar series

Week 1, Speaker: Richard Kearney 

Week 2, Speaker: Glorianna Davenport 

Week 3, Speakers: Kalpana Seshadri, James Bernauer, and Susan Michalczyk 

Week 4, Speakers: Ellen Winner and Jeff Bloechl 

Week 5, Speakers: Anne Davenport and Richard Kearney 

Week 6, Speakers: Chris Yates, Elizabeth Purcell, James Taylor; Video: Paul Bennett and Robert Kehoe

Week 7, Speakers: Pamela Berger and Matilda Bruckner

Week 8, Speakers: Fanny Howe and Amy Hollywood 

Week 9, Lectures by Mike Civille, Regine Jean-Charles, and Tina Klein (March 25)

Week 10, Strangers of the Deep with artist Dorothy Cross (April 1)

Week 11, Presentation by Dr. John Michalczyk and Fr. Raymond Helmick, Response by Padraig O'Malley (April 8)

Week 12, Presentations by Christopher Ricks and Paul Mariani (April 15)

Week 13, Hosting the Stranger: Hospitality and Hostility in World Politics, featuring Noam Chomsky, Stephen Pfohl, and a response by Ali Banuazizi (April 22)

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Kampala's Ark: The L'Arche Community for the Disabled in Uganda

Aliens, Strangers, and Monsters

Partners in Dialogue

Student Questions and Answers

Sacred Songs of Eros

Under a Strange Sun