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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in German Studies

german studies department

The minor in German Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the language and cultures of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The foremost goal of the program is to provide participants with a broad, in-depth understanding of the various contributions German-speaking civilizations have made—from the early Middle Ages to the present—to the development of the Western world. Among the disciplines that may be studied are the literature, art, music, history, theology, and philosophy of the German world.

The interdisciplinary minor consists of 18 credits or six upper-division courses:

  1. Germany Divided and Reunited (GERM 2242),
  2. two additional upper-level courses, at least one of which must be conducted in German, from the Department of German Studies, and
  3. three courses or nine credits from other departments.

The three non-German courses may be chosen, in consultation with the Director of the minor, from the relevant offerings of at least two of the following departments: history, music, theology, fine arts, and philosophy. Such courses should focus upon subjects related to German culture. Students must have at least 15 credits in the minor program that are not used to fulfill requirements for another major or minor or a Core requirement. The following courses are examples of courses usually offered in the Spring semester:

  • ARTH 2232 Northern Renaissance Art
  • ARTH 3356 Art Since 1945
  • GERM 1175 Business German
  • GERM 2202 German Composition and Conversation II
  • GERM 2211 History of German Literature II
  • GERM 2214 Poetic Mind of Germany, GERM 2239 Knights, and Dragons
  • GERM 2290 Advanced Reading in German
  • HIST 4452 European War and Genocide
  • MUSA 1175 Music of the Holocaust and Third Reich
  • MUSA 2207 Music of the Romantic Era, MUSA 2270 Beethoven
  • PHIL 3399 Heidegger Project II
  • PHIL 4408 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy
  • PHIL 5595 Kant's Critique
  • THEO 4449 Jewish Liturgy: History and Theology
  • THEO 4495 Hitler, Pius X, and Vatican II

Students who are already pursuing a double major will not be accepted into the German Studies minor. Planning and fulfilling the minor in German Studies requires the final approval of the Director of the minor. Students are encouraged to consult with the Director concerning opportunities for study abroad during their junior year at a German or Austrian university. Interested students are asked to contact the Director of the minor, Daniel Bowles, Lyons 201F, 617-552-3740,