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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in German

german studies department

The minor in German is for students seriously interested in learning German and in creating ties with the German-speaking world. The program allows students to combine an interest in German with other academic and professional goals, without the burden of a double major. The foremost goal of the program is to encourage more students to adopt an international focus, whatever their major may be, and to motivate more students to study abroad.

Students wishing to minor in German are required to complete 18 credits or six one-semester courses, including an introductory sequence,

  • GERM 1051 Intermediate German II and
  • GERM 2201-2202 German Conversation and Composition I and II

The remaining required course is

  • GERM 2290 Advanced Reading in German.
  • Two additional upper-level courses may include Business German GERM 1175, and one course may be conducted in English translation.

Planning and fulfilling the minor in German requires the final approval of the Director of the minor. Students are encouraged to consult with the Director concerning opportunities for study abroad during their junior year at a German or Austrian university. Students must have at least 15 credits in the minor program that are not used to fulfill requirements for another major or minor. Interested students are asked to contact the Director of the minor, Asst. Professor Daniel Bowles, Lyons Hall 201F, 617-552-3740,