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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Business Track

german studies department

The Business Track concentration allows students to combine a dual interest in business and German in a program of study which prepares them for an international career. Business German (GERM 1175) can be taken as part of a German major or minor or as an individual course. The prerequisite for Business German is four college semesters of German or the equivalent.

Business German is an outgrowth of the overall globalization of business, in particular between Germany and the United States. The thriving German economy makes Central and Eastern Europe a strong market for American products and has enabled German companies to open branches in the United States. The Business Track has been developed in conjunction with the Boston College Carroll School of Management.

Business German will usually be offered in the Fall semester to enable students to take GERM 3320 in the Spring semester and to spend the following summer in a one-credit paid internship program in a German-speaking country (GERM 5501). Students are also encouraged to spend a year or a semester at the Ingolstadt School of Management affiliated with our partner university, the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, or at the WU (Vienna University of Economics & Business).

Students can attain a Certificate in Business German by completing 19 credits:

  • GERM 1175 Business German,
  • GERM 2290 Advanced Reading in German,
  • GERM 2242 Germany Divided & Reunited,
  • GERM 3320 German Business & Trends in Europe,
  • and one additional upper-level German courses
  • as well as GERM 5501 German Studies Internship, with a satisfactory report from the internship provider.

These courses may count simultaneously toward the German Studies major or either of the German minors.