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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Keith Morehouse

german studies department

Research Professor Emeritus

U.C. - Berkeley 1948 B.S.
U München, W. Germany 1964-1965
U.C. - Berkeley 1967 M.A.
Boston College 1977 Ph.D.

Phone:  617-552-3740
Fax:  617-552-4454
Lyons Hall 201D


Academic Profile

Boston College doctoral research under Dr. Heinz Bluhm 1974-1977

U.C. Berkeley: Literature of the Middle Ages, Reformation, Comparative Grammar, Middle High German under Dr. Herbert Penzl

U München: Philosophy of Language, Germanic Philosophy, German Language Development, Ancient History of Germany

USAF service: Training in Automation


Work Experience

Project Director, Martin Luther Project 1993-1999

Translator, US Dept. of Transportation, Cambridge, MA 1980-1981

Supervisor, Martin Luther Project 1975-1979

Instructor, Boston College 1972-1974

Instructor, College of Great Falls, MT 1968-1971

Note: Non-academic employment 1982-1993