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german studies department

Some interesting facts about Germany and the German language:

  • English is a Germanic language.
  • German is the most spoken native language in Europe (over 100 million people).
  • Germany is the largest and strongest economic power in Europe.
  • German is the second language of international business.
  • Germany is the United States' largest European trading partner.
  • More people in the United States claim German ancestry (60 million) than any other nationality.
  • More sites on the World Wide Web are in German than in any other language except English.

GERM1001 German A (Elementary I) (Fall: 3)

GERM1002 German A (Elementary II) (Spring: 3)

GERM1003 Elementary German Practicum I (Fall: 1)

GERM1004 Elementary German Practicum II (Spring: 1)

GERM1050 Intermediate German I (Fall: 3)

GERM1051 Intermediate German II (Spring: 3)

GERM1063 Triumphs and Failings of Modern Man (Spring/biennially: 3)

GMXX1065 Playing the Game (Spring/periodically: 3)

GERM1066 The Quest for Justice: Kafka and Kleist (Fall/biennially: 3)

GERM1067 The Romantic Experience (Fall: 3)

GERM1068 The Quest for Justice Practicum (Fall: 1)

GMXX1133 Kleine Uebung: Geist und Gnade (Fall/periodically: 2)

GERM1175 Business German (Fall: 3)

GERM2201 German Composition and Conversation I (Fall: 3)

GERM2202 German Composition and Conversation II (Spring: 3)

GERM2210 History of German Literature I (Fall/biennially: 3)

GERM2211 History of German Literature II (Spring/biennially: 3)

GMXX2214 The Poetic Mind of Germany (Spring: 3)

GMXX2215 German Romanticism (Spring/periodically: 3)

GMXX2216 Shooting Nazis: German Film from 1933-1945 (Spring/periodically: 3)

GERM2218 German Feature Films: A Survey (Spring/biennially: 3)

GERM2220 Goethe und Schiller (Fall/biennially: 3)

GERM222101 Madness in German Literature (Spring/biennially:3)

GERM2222 Music and Word: The German Musical Heritage (Fall/biennially: 3)

GMXX2223 Contemporary German Short Fiction (Fall/Spring/periodically: 3)

GERM2224 Modern German Novels in Translation (Fall/periodically: 3)

GMXX2225 Modern German Novels Practicum (Fall/periodically: 1)

GERM2226 Ach Europa! Hyphenated Germans Write about their Host Country

GMXX2233 Between Imperial Germany and Hitler's Reich (Spring/periodically: 3)

GMXX2238 Passion, Politics and Poetry in the Middle Ages (Fall/periodically: 3)

GERM2239 Knights, Castles and Dragons (Spring/biennially: 3)

GERM2240 King Arthur in German Literature (Spring/biennially: 3)

GERM2242Germany Divided and Reunited (Spring/biennially: 3)

GMXX2247 German Exile Writers Against Hitler 1933-45 (Fall/periodically: 3)

GERM2290 Advanced Reading in German (Spring: 3)

GERM2299 Reading and Research (Fall/Spring: 3)

GERM3310 Middle High German - Mittelhochdeutsch (Spring/periodically: 3)

GERM3320 German Business and Trends in Europe (Spring: 3)

GERM3333 Linguistic Structure of German (Spring/periodically: 3)

GERM3325 Living Literature: Contemporary German Novel (Fall/biennually: 3

GERM5501 Internship (Fall/Spring/Summer: 1)

GERM6601 Advanced Independent Research (Fall/Spring: 6)

GERM6699 Honors Thesis (Fall/Spring: 3)

GERM1061 Intensive Reading in German (Summer: 1)