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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Geology and Geophysics

earth and environmental sciences

Classes of 2012-2013

In addition to the four major programs, a student may choose to minor Geology and Geophysics. The minor is designed to be flexible and to allow the interested student to explore an area of interest in the earth sciences without the formal commitment of a major. Students interested in declaring a minor in the Department are urged to see Professor Alan Kafka, the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, as early in their undergraduate careers as possible.

A minor in the Geology and Geophysics consists of a minimum of six courses in the Department structured as follows:

  • Two required courses:
    • Exploring the Earth I (GE 132) with laboratory (GE 133)
    • Earth Materials (GE 220) and laboratory (GE 221)
  • Two additional departmental courses numbered 100 or higher
  • One additional departmental course numbered 200 or higher
  • One additional departmental course numbered 300 or higher

With the exception of GE 132 and GE 220, which are required for all minors, a higher-level course can be substituted for a lower-level course. Each student's minor program must be approved in advance by a faculty advisor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Students should be aware that many upper-level courses have prerequisites in geology, mathematics, physics, or chemistry. Consult the Boston College Catalog or a departmental advisor, and keep in mind that these prerequisites must be considered in designing a specific minor program. The minor program allows students flexibility in their choice of courses. Minor programs can be designed to emphasize specific areas of concentration within the broad range of subjects in geology and geophysics.