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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Environmental Studies Minor

earth and environmental sciences

The Environmental Studies Program uses an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the science and policy of the Earth's environmental challenges and is designed to compliment any undergraduate major.

The goals of the Environmental Studies Minor are three-fold:

  • to help undergraduates develop an awareness of the scientific, cultural, and political aspects of the world's environmental problems,
  • to better prepare students for careers in the expanding field of environmental professions,
  • to prepare students for further study at the graduate or professional school level.

These goals are achieved through a dynamic curriculum, as well as research opportunities both on and off campus.

All Environmental Studies minors must take two foundation courses chosen from a specified list of environmental science and policy courses, three advanced courses to be chosen from upper-level offerings in various departments, and a senior seminar. Extensive opportunities are available for supervised internships in science and policy including the Environmental Scholars Program that is conducted in association with the Urban Ecology Institute. For more information about the program, please refer to the Environmental Studies Minor website.

Research in New Hampshire
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