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College of Arts and Sciences

Alfredo Urzua

earth and environmental sciences

Alfredo Urzua

Alfredo Urzua, Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Phone: 617-552-3640


Groundwater Modeling, Geotechnical Engineering


GE 472 - Computational Techniques in Geotechnology (Spring 2009)

Current Graduate Students and Projects

Nathaniel Cameron
Earthquake and building response spectra.

M.S. Alumni

Margela Andrews

Andrew Gobeil
Steady state seepage through a homogeneous isotropic earth dam with vertical sides overlying an impermeable boundary. (2005)

Esteban Hormazabal
Estimating flow and pore pressure in open pit mines. (2005)

Daniel Lacz
Animated concepts of soil mechanics. (2003)

Ashling Petro-Roy
Parametric study of confined flow under an impervious concrete dam. (2003)

Jennifer Riela
Applications of reliability analysis to slope stability problems. (2000)

Johnston Huntress
Evaluation of the dynamic properties of soil cement as they relate to unconfined compressive strength. (1999)

David Rose
An examination of lateral displacement in sanitary landfills due to seismic loading. (1996)