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College of Arts and Sciences

Rudolph Hon

earth and environmental sciences

Rudolph Hon

Rudolph Hon, Associate Professor
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1976)
M.S. Charles U., Prague

Phone: 617-552-3656



GE 192 - Earth Under Siege (Fall 2008)
EESC4484 - Aqueous Geochemistry (Fall 2008)
EESC2250 - Environmental Geology (Spring 2009)
EESC4480 - Applications of GIS (Spring 2009)

Current Graduate Students and Projects

Benjamin Daniels
Analysis of the parameters of streamflow in Massachusetts watersheds.

Richard Paul
Water quality at the Cambridge, Massachusetts drinking-water supply system.

Newton Tedder
A study of saline water transport pathways using high resolution specific conductance records in two watersheds in urban and rural Massachusetts.

Qing Xian
Statistical assessment of hydrochemical characteristics of stream waters in eastern New England.

M.S. Alumni and Projects

Matthew Mayo
Arsenic pathways at landfills: a case study of the shepleys hill landfill. (2006)

David Kammer
Hydrochemical characterization of Old Pond Meadows Aquifer, Norwell, Massachusetts. (2005)

Kevin MacKinnon
Equilibria and transport of Fe and Mn in a naturally contaminated aquifer, Norwell, Massachusetts. (2005)

Thomas Davidson
Arsenic pathways in leachate plums at five landfill sites in central Massachusetts. (2004)

Alisa-Marie King
Hydrochemical characterization of groundwater in a wetland-upland transitional zone, Norwell, Eastern, Massachusetts. (1999)

Keith Gallinelli
Geochemistry of biologically assisted tetrachloroethene degradation in the septic groundwater environment. (1997)

Yuqin Zhou
Groundwater modeling and nitrogen particle tracking in the Monomoy Lens aquifer, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. (1996)

Kim Kutawski
The natural in situ biotransformation of tetrachloroethene. (1995)

Peter Dillon
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the late precambrian plutonic series south of Boston, eastern Massachusetts. (1994)

Rebecca Markus
The geochemistry of the Dedham granite suite, north of Boston, Massachusetts. (1993)

Vasiliki Philippopoulou
Geochemical study of the siluro-devonian sedimentary rocks of north and north-central Maine. (1993)

Catherine Gabis
The geochemistry and petrogenesis of a cordierite-hypersthene dike suite in Greenville, north-central Maine. (1992)

Matthew Paige
The petrology, geochemistry and tectonic setting of the Cape Ann complex, eastern Massachusetts. (1991)

Carroll Brown
Geochemistry of the horserace quartz diorite, north central Maine. (1989)

Ronald Resmini
The thermal structure of the continental crust: computer modeling experiments in heat conduction. (1989)

Nancy Davis
Gamma-ray spectroscopy analysis of radon emanation. (1988)

Amy Sheridan
Geochemistry of the Milford plutonic suite. (1988)

Selected Publications

Hepburn, J.C., Dunning, G.R. and Hon, R. (1997) Geochronology and Regional Tectonic Implications of Silurian Deformation in the Nashoba Terrane, Southeastern New England, Current Perspectives in the Appalachian-Caledonian Orogen: Geologcial Association of Canada, Hibbard, J.P., van Staal, C.R. and Cawood, P.A. (editors), Special Paper 41, pp. 349-366.

Hon, R., Paige, J.S. and Loftenius, C.J. (1993) Petrogenesis of Two Diverse Mid-Paleozoic Complexes of Eastern Massachusetts: A-type Cape Ann Granite and I-type Sharpners Pond Quartz Diorite, in Cheney, J.T. and Hepburn, J.C. (editors) Field Trip Guidebook for the Northeastern United States, 1993 Boston, GSA: Dept. of Geology & Geography, Univ. of Mass, Amherst, MA v. 2, pp. Q1-Q28.

Hon, R.,O'Brien, S.J., Hepburn, J.C. and G.R. Dunning (1991) Assesment of Mafic Magmatism in the Avalon Terranes of Newfoundland and Southeastern New England, Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, vol. 23, #1, p. 46.

Hon, R., Hepburn, J.C., Bothner, W.A., Olszewski, W.J., Gaudette, H.E., Dennen, W.H. and Loftenius, C. (1986) Mid-paleozoic Calc-alkaline Igneous Rocks of the Nashoba Block and Merrimack Trough, In Newburg, D.W. (editor), Guidebook for Field Trips in Southwestern Maine, 78th New England Intercollegiate Geologic Conference, Lewiston, ME, p.37-52.