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College of Arts and Sciences

J. Christopher Hepburn

earth and environmental sciences

J. Christopher Hepburn

J. Christopher Hepburn, Professor
Ph.D. Harvard University (1972)
A.B. Colgate University

Phone: 617-552-3642


Regional Geology and Tectonics, Metamorphic and Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry

Current Graduate Students and Projects

Jesse Powers
Geologic Map of the Burlington Mylonite Zone, Eastern Massachusetts

M.S. Alumni and Projects

Andrew Kay
Sm-Nd Isotopic Composition and Evolution of the Nashoba Terrane and Newbury Volcanics, Eastern Massachusetts. (2012)

Tracey Arvin
The Bedrock Geology and Fracture Characterization of the Maynard Quadrangle of Eastern Massachusetts. (2010)

Misty Stroud
Temporal and Directional Constraints on a Major Shear Zone in Eastern Massachusetts: Monazite Dating of the Assabet River Fault Zone. (2007)

Lubomira Smith
Road Salt Effect on the Hydrochemistry of a Small Drainage Basin in Southeastern Massachusetts. (2005)

Kristen Daly
A Study of the Mafic Plutons Along the Bloody Bluff Fault in Northeastern Massachusetts: Placing Constraints on the Tectonic Environment Using Geochemical and Petrological Analysis. (2003)

Aranzazu Pinan-Llamas
The Origin of the Coastal Volcanic Belt, Easternmost Maine: A Petrological and Geochemical Study. (2002)

Jonathan Fernald
Geology of the Blackstone Series in the Pawtucket Quadrangle, Rhode Island. (1993)

Pablo Valverde-Vaquero
Permo-Carboniferous Magmatic Activity in the Cantabrian Zone (N.E. Iberian Massif, Asturias, NW Spain). (1993)

Roman Bober
Metamorphism of the Nashoba Terrane and the Tadmuck Brook Schist, East Central Massachusetts. (1990)

Leah Gundy
An Investigation of the Influence of Detrital Muscovite on Illite Crystallinity Measurements of Shales. (1989)

Kelly Cardoza
Geochemistry of the Middlesex Fells Volcanic Complex (mafic member) and Brighton volcanics, Boston-Avalon Zone, Eastern Massachusetts. (1987)

Robert Bouchard
The Stratigraphy and Petrography of the Brighton Volcanics in the Boston Basin, Massachusetts. (1979)

Mario Carnevale
Surficial Geology of the Marblehead North Quadrangle and Review of Bedrock Geology. (1979)

Steven Goldberg
Rare Earth Element Analysis of Small Anorthositic Masses of the Adirondacks, New York. (1977)

Paul Banks Jr.
A Geologic Analysis of the Side Looking Airborn Radar Imagery of Southern New England. (1975)

Selected Publications

Hepburn, J. C. and Bailey, Richard, H., 1998, The Avalon and Nashoba Terranes of Eastern Massachusetts. In Murray, Daniel P. (ed.), Guidebook to Field Trips in Rhode Island and Adjacent Regions of Connecticut and Massachusetts, 90th New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, University of RI, Kingston RI, pp. C3-1 to C3-24.

Skehan, James W., Rast, Nicholas, Kohut, Edward, Hepburn, J. C. and Grimes, Stephen, W., 1998, Precambrian and Paleozoic Mylonites of the Boston Avalon. In Murray, Daniel P. (ed.), Guidebook to Field Trips in Rhode Island and Adjacent Regions of Connecticut and Massachusetts, 90th New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, University of RI, Kingston, RI, pp. A3-3 to A3-24.

Karabinos, Paul, Samson, Scott D., Hepburn, J. C. and Stoll, Heather M., 1998, Taconian Orogeny in the New England Appalachians: Collision Between Laurentia and the Shelburne Falls Arc. Geology, Geological Society of America, v.26, pp. 215-218.

Thompson, Jr., J.B.; Rosenfeld, J.L.; Hepburn, J. C.; and Trzcienski, W.E., 1997, How does New Hampshire connect to Vermont? In Grove, T.W.; Mango, H.N.; and Hasenohr, E.J. (eds) Guidebook for Field Trips in Vermont and Adjacent New Hampshire and New York, New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, 89th Annual Meeting, p. C1-1 to C1-17.

Goldstein, A. and Hepburn, J. C., 1997, Possible Correlations of the Norumbega Fault Zone with Faults in Southeastern New England. Ludman, A. (editor) The Norumbega Fault, Geological Society of America, Special Paper.

Karabinos, P.; Samson, S.D.; Hepburn, J. C.; and Stoll, H.M., 1997, The Taconian Orogeny in Western New England, USA: Collision Between Laurentia and the Shelburne Falls Arc. Geology, Geological Society of America.

Hepburn, J. C. , Dunning, G.R. Hon, R., 1995, Geochronology and Regional Tectonic Implications of Silurian Deformation in the Nashoba Terrane, Southeastern New England, USA. New Perspectives in the Appalachian-Caledonian Orogen, Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper.

Hepburn, J. C.; Trask, N.J.; Rosenfeld, J.L. and Thompson, Jr., J.B., 1989, Geology of the Brattleboro Quandrangle, Vermont-New Hampshire, Vt. Geological Survey Bulletin, #32, p.162.

Hepburn, J. C.; Hon, R. and Hill, M., 1989, Tectonomagmatic Provinces within the Eastern Marginal Zone of the Appalachian-Caledonide Orogen, Southeastern New England. In Restombes, J., (editor) L'Orogene Caledonien, PICG Project No. 27, Le Maroc et L'Orogene Paleozoique, Notes et Memoires du Service Geologique du Maroc, #335, p.145-158.

Hepburn, J. C., 1988, The Connecticut Valley-Gaspe Synclinorium in Southeastern Vermont. In Bothner, W.A., (editor) Guidebook for Field Trips in Southwestern New Hampshire, Southeastern Vermont and North-central Massachusetts, New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, p. 256-267.

Hepburn, J. C.; Hill, M. and Hon, R., 1987, The Avalon and Nashoba Terranes, Eastern Massachusetts, USA: An Overview. Maritime Sediments and Atlantic Geology, Special Issue, The Avalon Terrane of the Northern Appalachian Orogen, v. 23, pp. 1-12.

Hepburn, J. C. and Munn, B., 1984, A Geologic Traverse Across the Nashoba Block, Eastern Massachusetts. In Hanson, L., (editor), Geology of the Coastal Lowlands Boston, Massachusetts to Kennebunk, Maine, New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, 76th Ann. Mtg., Salem, Massachusetts, p. 103-123.