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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Emanuel G. Bombolakis

earth and environmental sciences

Emanuel G. Bombolakis

Emanuel G. Bombolakis, Professor
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M. SC. Colorado School of Mines

Phone: 617-552-3648


Structural Geology, Engineering Geology, Rock Mechanics

Current Research: Caucasus mountain belt system


Timothy O'Connor

Rethinking the tectonic model of the Caucasus: an investigation of the southern section of the proposed Borjomi-Kazbegi Fault Zone. (2006)

Eugene Szymanski Jr.

Structure and timing of thrust and nappe development within the Mtkvari River Basin, South Kartli Basin, Republic of Georgia. (2005)

John Delphia

Deformation in the Hogsback Thrust Sheet: Kemmerer, Wyoming. (1989)

Pamela Siminitz

An instability at a clay-siltstone interface as a possible mechanism for slope instability. (1982)

Peter D'Onfro

Thixotropic hardening of bentonite. (1980)

Charles Leininger

A study of frictional instability during deformation of brittle rock. (1976)

William Rizer

Crack growth in calcite. (1976)

Michael Fahy

Resistivity studeies of the effects of the intermediate principal stress on crack growth in westerly granite. (1973)

Leo Martin

Structural geology of the Chelmsford Granite at Oak Hill. (1973)

Selected Publications

Bombolakis, E. G., Adamia, S. A., and Dolginov, E. (1997) Some Major Problems of the Post-Cretaceous Structural Evolution of the Caucasus. European Geophysical Society, XXII General Assembly, Annales Geophysicae, Supplement 1, vol. 15, p C165.

Bombolakis, E. G., Adamia, S. A., and Dolginov, E. (1997) Post Oligocene Structural Evolution of the Caucasus: Major Problems, Preliminary Results. Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, vol. 29, no. 7, p A-222.

Bombolakis, E. G. (1994). Applicability of Critical-wedge Theories to Foreland Belts. Geology, Vol. 22, pp. 535-538.

Bombolakis, E. G. (1992). A Developmental Stage of a Foreland Belt, In McClay, K.R. (editor), Thrust Tectonics, 1990 Unwin-Hyman Publ. Co., pp. 33-40.

Bombolakis, E. G. (1992) Role of Elastic Stiffness and Fault Damping During Thrust Sheet Emplacement in a Foreland Belt. In: B. Evans & T.-f. Wong (editors), Fault Mechanics and Transport Properties in Rocks: A Festschrift in Honor of W. F. Brace, Academic Press, London, Ch. 17, pp. 417-434.

Bombolakis, E. G. (1989). Thrust Fault Mechanics and Dynamics During a Developmental Stage of a Foreland Belt, Journal of Structural Geology, vol. 11, p. 439-455.