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Program Schedule - Class of 2017

gateway scholars program

All students in the Gateway Scholars Program are enrolled in the following biology and chemistry courses, labs and discussion sections. The remainder of the class schedule is filled with CORE and elective courses; course selection is made in consultation with an academic advisor and dependent on high school preparation and the student’s interests and professional goals. Students take four or five classes for a total of 14-17 credits each semester.


Fall Semester - Freshman year

CH109 General Chemistry I (small class section with Prof. Neil Wolfman)

CH127 Gateway: General Chemistry Discussion I (one credit with chemistry grad TA)

CH111 General Chemistry Lab I

BI200 Molecules and Cells (small class section with Prof. Rebecca Dunn)

BI205 Gateway: Biology Discussion I (one credit with biology grad TA)

UN199 Freshman Advising Seminar with biology faculty member (one credit P/F)


Spring Semester - Freshman year

CH110 General Chemistry II (small class with Prof. Neil Wolfman)

CH128 Gateway General Chemistry Discussion II (one credit with chemistry grad TA)

CH112 General Chemistry Lab II

BI201 Ecology and Evolution (large section with Prof. Alex Coverdill)

BI206 Gateway: Biology Discussion II (once a week, zero credits, run by the instructor)


Fall Semester - Sophomore year

CH231 Organic Chemistry I

CH233 Organic Chemistry I lab

CH237 Gateway: Organic Chemistry Disc I (selected TA, zero credits)

BI303 Introduction to Physiology

BI207 Gateway: Biology Discussion III (once a week, zero credits, run by the instructor)


Spring Semester - Sophomore year

CH232 Organic Chemistry II

CH234 Organic Chemistry II lab

CH238 Gateway: Organic Chemistry Disc II (selected TA, zero credits)

BI204 Lab – no additional support

A biology elective course is optional after consultation with an academic advisor.


Sophomore Seminar Series

Three times each semester - will include undergraduate research connections, careers in science, internship information session and other areas for professional development.