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College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Studio Art

boston college fine arts department

Professor and student looking at art

Classes of 2012 and Beyond

The minor in Studio Art offers students the opportunity to pursue a course of study in ceramics, painting, drawing, or photography. There are features of the minor program that resemble, in an abbreviated way, aspects of our majors studio program which we have found to be successful. The required Advanced Studio Seminar class, for example, will function analogously to our Senior Project. This curriculum of six courses is designed to encourage an in-depth investigation of one medium, rather than a generalized sampling of many. The course structure aims at having the individual student develop the artistic techniques and conceptual visual sensibility necessary for working as an artist today. It should be noted students will not be permitted to begin the Studio Minor after their junior year. Students who are interested in declaring a minor can contact the minor advisor.


Eighteen credits (six courses) that must include the following:

Required introductory course for all Studio Art Minors: three credits (one course)

  • FS 103 Issues and Approaches to Studio Art
    This course should normally be taken in the sophomore or junior year once the minor is begun.

One introductory-level class (three credits) to be selected from:

  • FS 101 Drawing 1
  • FS 102 Painting 1 or FS 150 Painting Plus Collage
  • FS 141 Ceramics 1
  • FS 161 Photography 1

The concentration of classes that follow must be related to (only) one of the above listed areas (ceramics, drawing, photography, painting or mixed media) and must be selected as follows:

Six credits (two courses) at the 100 level or above
Three credits (one course) at the 300 level

Three credits (one course)

  • FS 328 Senior Minor Project (students will be expected to complete a significant thesis project)

Students taking Painting 1 and Photo 1 as introductory classes must select the additional three classes from either painting or photography, but not both. (i.e., three painting or three photography classes). If a student wishes to pursue a discipline area in which they have not taken an introductory course, they must take that introductory course as an elective before taking additional courses in that area.

Additional stipulations for the studio art minor

No more than one independent study in your field of concentration.
Courses to be counted in the minor must be taken for grade (no pass/fail grades)

It is strongly suggested that if students wish to strengthen their minor by taking electives, they should add additional classes from the offerings in their chosen area of specialty.

To give students a strong historical grounding, the department strongly recommends students also take:

  • FS 211 Hot Off the Shelf
  • FA 258 Modern Art: 19th and 20th Century II
  • FA 285 History of Photography
  • FA 356 Art Since 1945


Professor Michael Mulhern, Minor Advisor
Fine Arts Department, Devlin Hall 428