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Art, Art History and Film

London McWilliams ’11

boston college fine arts department


London McWilliams ’11 came to Boston College with a focus on biology and the natural sciences, but a passion for the arts. Choosing to follow both interests through a double major in psychology and film studies, McWilliams says that her different academic pursuits are actually good complements. “As a filmmaker, it’s important to understand the psychological impacts images have on your audience,” she says.

After her first film studies course sophomore year, “Documentary Film,” McWilliams says she fell in love with the genre and committed to film studies. She has worked closely with fine arts department chair John Michalczyk, serving as a teaching assistant in his “Political Fiction Film” and “Film Criticism and Theory” courses. She also received an Undergraduate Film Research Fellowship, which last summer allowed her to assist German studies professor Rebecca Freudenburg in editing her forthcoming film.

McWilliams is a four-year veteran of the Shaw Leadership Program, and is a student employee in the Arts and Sciences web services department. In addition to helping design websites for groups like Dance Marathon, McWilliams is a photographer and DJ for Swag Media Entertainment, a student-run audio/visual venture on campus. After graduation, McWilliams plans to pursue a career in social documentary filmmaking, continuing to unite her interests in psychology, film, and digital media. “I’ve learned that my experience and talents in so many different areas have prepared me for any path I choose to take in the arts,” she says.