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Joon Sung Park '12

boston college fine arts department

Joon Sung Park

Joon Sung Park's (A&S '12) work has been influenced by his Korean background; in Ceramics Monthly he writes: “As an international student studying in the US, I have always been intrigued by value differences between cultures and the transformations of perspective due to cultural difference and relocation diffusion.

His artist’s statement notes that “Creating the ceramics and pedestals with different technologies and materials evokes a sense of travel and highlights cultural transfusion, transformation, and dislocation. Transforming the typical function or orientation of materials and engaging them in eclectic non-standard uses with ceramics objects embodies my attempt to converge contemporary Duchampian ideology with Joseon ceramics aesthetics. The merging and collisions of these juxtapositions resonates with my experience and reflects my efforts to create a new ceramics language that embraces hybrid cultural expression.”

Joon has been awarded a Mima Weissmann Fellowship to Harvard for 2012-2013 to continue his studies.

View Joon Park’s portfolio.