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boston college fine arts department

Kenya Danino

Her advisor Professor Michael Mulhern describes Kenya Danino '15 as "fearless," with a "sort of interior compass and drive that makes the job of working with her both easy and demanding." A Studio Art major, Kenya is not only a graphic artist but also a writer, combining these skills with her knowledge about the history of animation and graphic novels to create dazzling stories in which she explores some of life's important and complex themes. Despite the serious content of her work, Kenya never abandons a sense of fun, employing animal characters and skillful draftsmanship to engage an audience spanning all ages. She works as a visual development artist for several start-up animation companies, and has already had her worked exhibited in New York City gallery. Read Kenya's story. Above: Kenya Danino with Animal Arithmetic, 2014 (Sharpie on canvas board).

Daniel Zawodny

Daniel Zawodny '14 has known since before starting college that he wanted to combine his interest in photography and film with his ambition to help "bring the world together." In this first-person account, the Film Studies major describes how his courses and relationships with his instructors and peers at BC have prepared and supported him in this endeavor. Traveling to Guatemala last summer with Actuality Media, a program for documentary filmmaking students, Danny was able to put his skills and knowledge to work in order to share with a greater public the story of a Mayan fishermen's cooperative dedicated to preserving the health of Lake Atitlan and their native culture. Photograph by Robin Canfield, Actuality Media

Annie McEwen '14

Art History major Annie McEwen A&S '14 received an Advanced Study Grant to travel to Europe last summer to study the work of 17th-century painter Giovanni Battista Gaulli. Read Annie's first-person account of her research process, and her description of the skills she has learned in Boston College courses that have supported her scholarly endeavors.

Joon Sung Park

Joon Sung Park ’12, a studio art major who concentrated on ceramics, was featured in the September 2012 issue of Ceramics Monthly (vol. 60, no. 7, Sept. 2012, p. 58) in their Undergraduate Showcase. His work was also featured in the summer 2012 issue of Boston College Magazine.

Lauren Zajac

An honors thesis probing a mystery at the McMullen Museum of Art, written by Lauren Zajac '11 as a senior–with advising by Burns Library Conservator Barbara Adams Hebard and Integrated Sciences Clean Room and Nanofabrication Facility Research Associate Greg McMahon–has become the subject of conference posters and presentations, and is now featured by Japan Electron Optics Laboratory's

London McWilliams

London McWilliams '11, a double major in psychology and film studies, says that her different academic pursuits are actually good complements. “As a filmmaker, it’s important to understand the psychological impacts images have on your audience."