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Art, Art History and Film

Film Studies Foreign Study

art, art history, and film

Although there are no prerequisites, students are encouraged to take Introduction to Film Art (FM 202) and/or History of European Film (FM 283) to serve as a strong foundation for Film Studies prior to going abroad.

Normally, the student should take no more than three Film Studies courses abroad. With the approval of the co-directors, the student may take other courses where there are solid, established programs, e.g., Paris. These courses should ideally be taken in Junior year, since the student should complete the Senior Project under the close supervision of the advisor within the department. There are no restrictions on the term that a student may study abroad.

Courses taken abroad are often used as major electives. On occasion, parallel courses offered abroad might substitute for the required courses if the syllabi are close in content and approach.

Programs in France, Spain, Italy, England/Scotland, and Australia have been the most successful.

Co-Directors Professor John Michalczyk and Professor Richard Blake, S.J. are the department Study Abroad Advisors and the department's contacts for course approval.

The Co-Directors strongly approve of the study of foreign film and make every effort to allow students to select their own areas of interest in world cinema. The Film Studies offerings abroad in general are often limited to three or four courses during any one term. Prior to enrolling in courses abroad, it is required that the student get approval for the courses and have several options in case a specific course is not offered during the term(s) abroad.