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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Foreign Study

boston college fine arts department

The Boston College Fine Arts Department Foreign Study offers study abroad options for Art History, Film Studies, and Studio Art majors. The department assists students with their options under close supervision, as well as providing encouragement.

The Fine Arts Department believes strongly that study abroad is worthwhile, exposing students to not only other cultures but other forms and traditions of artistic expression. At the same time, it cautions students to consider their growth and development in their specific major and to integrate study abroad with their chosen area of concentration in consultation with their department advisor.

Department Advisors

Alston Conley

Studio Art

Alston Conley
Devlin 432

photo of John Michalczyk

Film Studies

Dr. John Michalczyk
Devlin Hall 434

photo of Stephanie Leone

art History

Dr. Kenneth Craig
Devlin Hall 424