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Art, Art History and Film

Michael Mulhern

fine arts department

photo of Michael Mulhern

Associate Professor Studio Art Minor Advisor

B.F.A., University of Dayton
M.F.A., Columbia University

Devlin Hall 428

Fields of Interest

All aspects of drawing, specifically camouflage, polymorphic-tweening, and stegnography

Academic Profile

Michael Mulhern is an artist whose work is engaged with issues of observation, evidence, and the mind’s reconstruction of this information into forms of visual expression. Currently working in drawing and painting, Mulhern has been exhibited in both New York, Boston and most recently at the University of Connecticut at Avery Point.

Mulhern teaches Drawing I, a Core course and other various other drawing courses. In his studio classes he is interested in fostering the development of each individual student’s personal vision utilizing the disciplined techniques of careful observation tempered with the free-associative views of contemporary approaches to drawing.

Recent Exhibitions

At Work: Boston College Faculty Artists, Lorand Gallery, Boston, MA
January 25 - February 26, 2011

Carla Goldberg, Anne Hebebrand, Michael Mulhern, Jerry Sims, Alexey von Schlippe Gallery, UCONN, Avery Point, Groton, CT
June 12 - July 26, 2009

Thomas Carver, Kathy Doocy, Peter Leibert, Michael Mulhern, Alexey von Schlippe Gallery, UCONN, Avery Point, Groton CT
September 16 - October 30, 2005

Imna Arroyo, Michael Mulhern, Rudy Muller, Alesey von Schlippe Gallery, UCONN, Avery Point, Groton, CT
April 18, 2003 - May 25, 2003

Constructions, Arlington Center for the Arts, Arlington, MA
August 20 - September 28, 2001

New Works

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Painting, None of the errors of the house were theirs

“None of the errors of the house where theirs” - 2009

Painting, Thinking the house empty...

“Thinking the house empty…….” - 2009

In the asylum for the blind

“In the asylum for the blind” - 2007-2009

Painting, Helping blur the line between indoors and out

“Helping blur the line between indoors and out” - 2009

Limits on Evidence are Eased

“Limits on Evidence are Eased” - 2009

Painting, Interior with figures-shadow worlds

“Interior with figures - shadow worlds” - 2011

Painting, Repairs from an era that has all but vanished

“Repairs from an era that has all but vanished” - 2011

Painting, The consolation of objects

“The consolation of objects” - 2011