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Art, Art History and Film

Pamela Berger

fine arts department

photo of Pamela Berger



Ph.D., New York University, 1974

Devlin Hall 426

Fields of Interest

Medieval Art History; the making of historical feature films, (including research for scripting, scriptwriting, art-historical research for production design, story boarding, directing, and post production).

Academic Profile

Professor Berger is a filmmaker who has written, produced, and/or directed three feature films. Sorceress is about a medieval woman who is accused of being a heretic but is actually a healer. It was shot in both English, Sorceress (English Language Version), and French, as Sorceress (French with English Subtitles). Both versions are now available on DVD. The second film, which she wrote, produced and directed, is The Imported Bridegroom. It’s a comedy set in Boston in 1900 about a father who tries to find, back in the Old Country, a perfect bridegroom for his Americanized daughter. She takes one look at the boy he brings back and is appalled. This film is also in DVD. The third film, Killian’s Chronicle: The Magic Stone, is about an Irish slave who escapes from a Viking ship and is rescued by Native Americans five hundred years before the arrival of Columbus.

Professor Berger teaches Medieval Art, from 300 CE through 1425. Her special interest is Iconography, i.e., the meaning of the image in the context of its time, and most of her research deals with iconographic interpretation.


Sorceress (English Language Version) and Sorceress (French with English Subtitles), 1987, Story, co-scriptwriter, producer.

bookcover of The Story and Scripting of Sorceress

Pamela Berger, "The Story and Scripting of Sorceress: A Companion Booklet to the DVDs" of Sorceress (English Language Version) and Sorceress (French with English Subtitles)." More information on The Sorceress.

bookcover of The Imported Bridegroom

The Imported Bridegroom, 1989 (based on a story by Abraham Cahan), scriptwriter, producer, director.

bookcover of Killian’s Chronicle: The Magic Stone

Killian’s Chronicle: The Magic Stone, 1994, scriptwriter, producer, director. 



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