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Art, Art History and Film

Art History

art, art history, and film

Full-time Faculty

Pamela Berger

Dr. Pamela Berger
Medieval Art
Art History Minor Coordinator

Sheila Blair

Dr. Sheila Blair
Islamic Art

Jonathan Bloom

Dr. Jonathan Bloom
Islamic Art

Claude Cernuschi

Dr. Claude Cernuschi
20th Century Art and Critical Theory

Kenneth Craig's art

Dr. Kenneth Craig
Northern Renaissance and Baroque Art; Greek Art
Assistant Chair for Art History and Art History Major Advisor; Art History Study Abroad Advisor

Dr. Gail Hoffman
Greek and Roman Art

Jeffery Howe

Dr. Jeffery Howe
19th and Early 20th Century Art; American Architecture

Stephanie Leone

Dr. Stephanie Leone
Renaissance and Baroque Art

Katherine Nahum's art

Dr. Katherine Nahum
19th and 20th Century Art/Architecture
Retired 2013

Nancy Netzer

Dr. Nancy Netzer
Medieval Art

Josephine von Henneberg

Dr. Josephine von Henneberg
Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art, History of Architecture; Retired 2001

Part-time Faculty

Ash Anderson

Dr. Asher Anderson
History of Photography

Lara Ayad

Lara Ayad
African Art

Judith Bookbinder

Dr. Judith Bookbinder
American Art and Architecture; 20th
Century Art

Aileen Callahan

Aileen Callahan
Art History Workshop

Margaret Leveque
Conservation of Works of Art

Timothy Orwig

Dr. Timothy Orwig
History of Architecture; Modern Architecture

Faculty members from other departments teaching Art History Courses

Dr. David McFadden of the Chemistry Department is teaching "The Intersection of Science and Painting" (ARTH113001/CHEM110201) during the spring semester.

Dr. Kevin O'Neill of the History Department is teaching "Making it Irish: Cultural Revival and Revolution" (ARTH331801/HIST427001/ENGL336201) during the spring semester.

Dr. Christopher Polt of the Classical Studies Department is teaching "The City of Rome" (ARTH226201/CLAS226201) during the spring semester.