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Art, Art History and Film

Preparing for a Career in the Fine Arts

art, art history, and film

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Are you thinking about pursuing a career in Art?

  • Start by exploring the types of careers your studies in Art History, Film Studies or Studio Art might prepare you for.
  • Discuss your career aspirations with your advisor in the Art History, Film Studies or Studio Art program.
  • Make use of the excellent resources and services provided by the BC Career Center.

A report by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce summarizes 2009 findings regarding the earning potential of various college majors. The section on Art majors starts on page 54.

Networking is an important way to learn about a profession from someone who is currently in it. The Boston College Career Center provides good advice about how to network, and the BC Alumni Community is a good place to try out your new networking skills.

Each year the BC Arts Council organizes Career Night for the Arts. The event is a good opportunity to meet BC alumni working in a range of arts careers.

Internships provide valuable opportunities to explore various careers and gain experience.

At BC, find out if there is a research fellowship available that would enable you to work closely with a faculty member in your field of interest. Other open positions in the Art Department appear in the On-Campus Student Job listings.

And be sure to take advantage of opportunities to view, learn and write about, and make and exhibit art at BC and in the Boston area!

More information about preparing for and finding a career using your background in

Additional Resources

Scores of websites provide job and internship listings and advice, as well as career exploration and preparation advice for soon-to-be-grads. The Career Center will be able to guide you to the best of these. Here are a few that focus on jobs and career-planning advice likely to be of interest to graduates with Visual Arts degrees.

  • College Art Association Career Center. The CAA is the most important professional organization for practitioners and scholars of the visual arts. Its annual conference in February provides a venue for networking, interviews, and for scholars and artists—both emerging and established—to present their work. You may find membership in CAA—benefits of which include subscriptions to its numerous publications, discounts, and career advice along with full access to job listings—to be well worth the reasonable price.
  • ArtJob. Listings of jobs, internships, fellowships, and other employment opportunities in all areas of the arts.
  • H-Net Job Guide. If you're interested in pursuing a career in academia, this resource, which posts academic position announcements in the Humanities, will give you an idea of the types of positions available.
  • hireCulture. The Massachusetts Cultural Council's job search engine for art-related careers in Massachusetts.

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