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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Pre-1700 and Pre-1900 Classes

english department

English Courses Offered Fall 2017

Courses that Satisfy the Pre-1700 Requirement

ENGL2101 Celtic Heroic Age T TH 1:30 O'Leary
ENGL2170 Intro to British Lit and Culture I M W F 12 Weiskott
ENGL3310 Shakespeare T TH 10:30 Norwood
ENGL6005 Knowing the Other in Early Modern England (Grad/Undergrad) M 4 30-6 55 Crane

Courses that Satisfy the Pre-1900 Requirement

Note: Pre-1700 courses also satisfy this requirement.

ENGL2141 American Literary History I T TH 10:30 Lewis
ENGL2142 American Literary History II M W F 11 Wilson
ENGL3351 British Romantic Poetry M W F 10 Richardson
ENGL4001 Transatlantic Passages M W F 1 Mitsein
ENGL4010 Human Rights & American Women's Writing, 1850-1920  M W F 2 Harrison-Kahan
ENGL4015 Women in Irish Literature Before 1900 T TH 9 Taylor
ENGL4404 Literary Boston 1790-1860 T TH 3 Lewis
ENGL5001 ATS: Reading Like a Victorian T 11:30-1:50 McAleavey
ENGL5004 ATS: Enslaved Africans, Castaways, Rakes, and and Harlots TH 9-11:25 Wallace
Amercian Literary History I
Amercian Literary History I