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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

LSOE Requirements

english department

English courses offered Fall 2016 satisfying LSOE requirements for English Majors

Note: A single class cannot be used to fulfill two requirements.

ENGL 2131 Studies in Poetry
ENGL 2133 Studies in Narrative
One Pre 1700 Class
One Pre 1900 Class

One Class in Anglophone or Ethnic American Literature

ENGL 2201 Versions in Black T Th 9:00 Frederick
ENGL 2255 Introduction to Postcolonial Literature T Th 4:30 Seshadri
ENGL 4373 Korean Cinema M W F 1:00 Klein
ENGL 4637 Capstone: Vision Quest Th 1:30-3:50 Miller

One Class Focusing on Women

ENGL 2125.01 Introduction to Feminisms M W 3:00 Owens
ENGL 2125.02 Introduction to Feminisms M W 4:30 Owens
ENGL 3359 Single Girl in the 19th Century T Th 10:30 Wilwerding
ENGL 5510 Contemporary American Women Writers T Th 10:30 Tanner

One Class in History of the English Language/Grammar/Syntax

ENGL 3527 General Linguistics M W F 10:00 Connolly

One Class in Adolescent/Young Adult Literature

(Please check back for updates)

Two English electives

For a complete list of English electives please refer to the advising documents outside of Stokes 493S or the department website.

English courses fulfilling the LSOE requirement.

For ENGL/LSOE course advising please contact Treseanne Ainsworth in Stokes 493S or by E-mail