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Literature Core

english department

ENGL1080  Literature CORE

In this part of the Core program, students explore the principal motives which prompt people to read literature—to assemble and assess the shape and values of one's own culture, to discover alternative ways of looking at the world, to gain insight into issues of permanent human importance as well as issues of contemporary urgency, and to enjoy the linguistic and formal satisfactions of literary art.

Literature Core will strive to develop the student's capacity to read and write with clarity and engagement, to allow for that dialogue between the past and present we call history, and to provide an introduction to literary genres.

Courses for English Language Learners
The department offers core level courses in language and literature for English language learners. These classes require department permission for registration. Interested students should contact the ELL Director, Lynne Anderson, for more information:

ENGL1009 First Year Writing/English Language Learners - Fall
Satisfies Writing Core Requirement
This course is designed for students whose first language is not English. It focuses on the academic writing skills that are necessary for content courses. Students will read and respond to literary works and gain practice in the writing of academic essays, focusing on a range of English rhetorical styles. Attention to skills such as paraphrase, summary, and critical synthesis will be explored in class. English grammar is taught in the context of the readings and student-generated writing. This course may be taken in place of First Year Writing Seminar (ENGL1010).

ENGL1079 Literary Forms for English Language Learners - Spring
Satisfies Literature Core Requirement

This course is designed for students whose first language is not English. It may be taken in place of ENGL 1080 and satisfies the literature core requirement. Limited to 15, students will have ample opportunity to participate in group discussion as they explore a variety of literary genres such as short story, drama, and poetry with a focus on American literature. Support for language issues including those related to writing (grammar, syntax, and rhetorical mode) is offered.