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Secondary Education

english department

English majors who are also completing Lynch School of Education majors must fulfill more specific major requirements to demonstrate a broad range of knowledge within the discipline. In addition to the First Year Writing Seminar, the Literature Core, Studies in Poetry, and Studies in Narrative, these students must fulfill the following requirements:

The department recommends that English majors completing a secondary education minor follow these guidelines as well.

To acquire sufficient knowledge across this spectrum, LSOE students should consider taking more general survey courses (e.g. Introduction to British Literature and Culture I and II, American Literary History I, II and III) to fulfill some requirements. Students with questions about the EN/LSOE requirements should contact Treseanne Ainsworth in Stokes S493.

Minor in Secondary Education

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in English, may apply to minor in Education in order to gain certification for teaching. The program begins in the junior year. Interested students should contact the Coordinator of Secondary Education or the Associate Dean in the Lynch School of Education during the first semester in sophomore year.