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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

english department

The English department is home to the following undergraduate programs:

First Year Writing Seminar | English Language Learning | Literature Core | Major | Minor | B.A./M.A. in English

The English major at Boston College offers a wide range of courses while introducing fundamental skills in close reading, literary analysis, and critical thinking. As an English major you’ll become deeply familiar with major developments in British, American and World Literatures, choosing courses that explore issues fundamental to the human condition through multiple periods, cultures, and approaches. You’ll have the freedom to shape a program suited to your intellectual and creative interests while sharpening skills in critical thinking, analysis, argumentation, and articulation.

The major consists of 30 credits, 10 courses beyond FWS and Literature Core. Majors usually begin by taking two semesters of small, intensive courses that introduce skills critical to the study of literature: Studies in Poetry and Studies in Narrative. Three subsequent courses drawn from different historical periods introduce some of the ways literature is shaped by culture and history. Beyond this, you’ll shape your subsequent course of study through a personalized cluster of electives, ranging from courses in history of the novel to transnational literature to writing workshops to courses in digital humanities. Qualified students can apply to the Creative Writing concentration or departmental Honors, culminating in a senior thesis.

The minor in English is a good choice if you are drawn to the study of literature and writing, but are unable to pursue the major. It consists of 18 credits: one foundational skills-based course (either Studies in Poetry or Studies in Narrative), a single course in literary history, and four electives (including writing workshops.)

Qualified students can apply to the five-year B.A./M.A. program in English in spring of their junior year.