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2016 Summer Course

english department

Flyer for creative writing workshop

ENGL3335 - Creative Writing Workshop: Food Writing in Paris 
taught by Professor Lynne Christy Anderson

Program Dates: May 28-June 25, 2016

Overview: This creative writing workshop explores the intersection between food and culture, drawing on the markets, cafés, boulangeries, and bistros of this multi-ethnic city. Students will write in a variety of genres from essay and memoir, where they’ll consider  the way place shapes their thoughts on food and eating, to literary journalism, profiling the diversity of today’s Paris food scene—its people, neighborhoods, and foods.  

3 credits, fulfills English major elective

All BC students are eligible to apply.

For more information about the program, dates, and tuition contact:

The Office of International Programs


ENGL3314 - Creative Writing Workshop: Writing Out of Place 
taught by Professor Suzanne Matson

Fulfillment: elective; Cultural Diversity Core

Writing Out of Place is a three-week, three-credit course based in Mussoorie, a town in the Himalayas.

Program Dates: June 1 - June 22, 2016

This writing workshop, to be held in Mussoorie, India, will foreground, by the fact of our journey, questions of location and dislocation. Writing is always a complex negotiation between what we know and what we imagine, what we see and what we project or interpret. Such negotiation is greatly intensified for the person “out of place”—a condition that one, as a traveler, chooses to inhabit. Our travel experience to the Himalayan Mountains will provide us with abundant cultural, geographic, and ecological material to draw from and write about, but distance will also produce a fresh encounter with the concept of “home.” These are rich matters to investigate as writers, and we will explore location and dislocation through three forms: nonfiction narrative, poetry, and fiction."Writing out of Place" will take students on a journey they'll never forget. With a small, supportive group of peers, they will gain insight into another culture, build their stamina walking the beautiful forested trails of the Himalayas, and develop their skills as creative writers.

A Passage to India

Eight undergraduates representing a range of class years, schools and majors joined Professor of English Suzanne Matson for a transformative creative writing experience at the foothills of the Himalayas.


ENGL2102 - Ireland: Past, Present, Future - taught by Professor Joseph Nugent

Program Dates: July 23-August 21, 2016

2016 is a very exciting year in Ireland’s celebration of its past as we recall the Easter Rising of 1916 and Ireland’s march to at least partial freedom. This course will celebrate this time of memory and memorial by exploring Ireland’s rich heritage of revival and revolution, then turning our informed gaze to its exciting future. Through its poetry and drama; its novels, short stories, sounds, images, and film, we’ll engage as actively as possible with the past. The Irish Revival, the Celtic Twilight, the rise of Irish nationalism, and the subsequent War of Independence are on our agenda as we explore the century that brought Ireland to where she stands today.

The Office of International Programs



Below are BC students who participated in Professor Suzanne Berne's creative writing workshop in India.

BC students in India
BC students studying in India.